KOF Movie [ including "trailer" ]


Couldn’t find the previous movie thread on the 8 pages here, so…


Not a single character fits. CIA Terry is hilarious.

Rugal, Vice, Mature ot the poeple that hadn’t seen it before:



God help us all -_-… America… just stop.


I get the impression that everyone involved in this film who professes to love kof is lying through their teeth.



This looks even shittier than my lowest expectations. And I wasn’t expecting much at all.

This makes Dragonball look like Milk.


Will be there opening day


i will say this for it at least,
its a fighting game movie where they actually have special moves.


I like how everyone is who they’re supposed to be but Kyo. Nope. Not the MAIN character. He’s not played by a Japanese guy. GGs Hollywood.

Holy shit… Hollywood can’t find a young 20 something year-old white dude to play…a young 20 something year-old white dude?! Terry looks older than the guy who played Ken in the SF movie.

And Rugal without the stache?!


A live action Fatal Fury movie would be much much better…


They sure are, none of these fucking actors have ever heard of this game. What the fuck is up with the actor playing Terry. What a fucking train wreck!


Did anyone expect something remotely good?

Shame, with the right kind of script you could make a really interesting Kung Fu film.


i knew the movie was gonna be shit. :lame:


The only good thing to come out of this topic was the newfound discovery that Mature is confirmed to be bisexual.


The tekken film has 90% of the cast looking exactly like the characters. The only differences ar Kazuya with a mustache and… Can’t think of anything else. Everybody is a martial artist and everything.


As important as it is for the cast to resemble the video game’s direction, I think it’s equally if not more important for the actual movie to have a competent plot that’s either faithful to the original or brings something new and credible to the already-existing story.

Unfortunately the KoF movie sure as hell didn’t do that.


Oh and, on that Tekken film note…I still remember this [media=youtube]pIYLxGj0vRY"[/media], even if it was unofficial.


lol… that was whack… after seeing the kof movie trailer i almost puked… lol… seriously quit trying to make shitty movies with real life actors… make it with CG or anime… a CG kof film would be freaken awesome… much like that short film for kof:mi… iori kicked meira’s ass soo bad… i think fans would be a lot happier with such an anime movie…


As SNK is delighted to show time and time again, they really aren’t all that interested in hearing what the “fans would be a lot happier with.”


first link was removed but i saw the trailer at the tournament we had here in ca back in may…

i have no expectations for this movie this will be there with dragon ball evolution, dead or alive and many of the other pos movies…

maggie q shouldnt play mai… loved her in naked weapon but no…



Funniest post all year. lol milk.


The plot in the Tekken movie is faithful. And every actor is either a martial artist or dancer, so no Kristin Kreuk bullshit.

If you think a videogame studio can tell a Hollywood studio what to do, you’re delusional. They sign a contract and it’s goodbye.


holy shit

its that seriously rugal…

yet im sure that the movie would blow like every other american movie based on a japanese trademark :rolleyes: