kof movie?




Don’t click on it, it’s like the arc of the covenant.


its looks decent… i just dont understand the plot,she puts on a piece of headphones and transforms to another level? i dont get it


That is the worst website known to man.

Also, I just got the DVD of this but haven’t watched it yet.


WTF did they do to Iori? They just stuck some Asian dude in the part and called him Iori. There’s nothing resembling the character in the slightest.

The same could be said for 90% of the cast.


This thread deserves GD.

And vice versa.


It’s awful–Maggie Q does not have the right “assets” to be playing Mai. Tekken was better than this dreck, plus Heihachi had such killer hair.


Who does?

  1. There’s already 2 threads about this
  2. We don’t allow links like that. Don’t post one again.