KOF Movie


hey guy give me comment abput kof movie…i think sucksssss


eff you man movie rocked who’s with me high five


I have only seen the trailer to the KoF movie and after seeing it… not interested in watching it.

Unless I can borrow it from someone who has it or I can watch it online for free?

But I am hoping its not as bad as the DragonBall movie :sad:


It’s not as bad as the Dragon Ball movie. But it’s close. It’s worse than the Chun-li movie, for sure.


You mean like your worthless opinions on KOF13 and 2K2?

Yeah, pretty much.


Fine, I’ll post it.



Some of the gas stations in my area have these lcd tvs at the pump and I saw a “behind the scenes” look of King of Fighters movie while buying gasoline. I was horrified but decided to still watch it. It was bad but funny and depressing…


I can’t understand why Gordon Chan said that he loves Kof and then made this movie…

…I feel trolled.


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! this thread is too funny!


Noooooo… really?
Seriously, there is no doubt that the people behind this movie didn’t give a flying fuck about KOF.
I’d personally take Dragon Ball Evolution over this one,
but only because DBE has some comedic value in just how bad it is.

Let’s sum up 10 wrongs
(ignoring the fact that none of the characters resemble their game counterparts to begin with).
1: Terry is a nosy CIA agent
2: Iori is a generally nice guy and Mai’s boyfriend
3: Mai is also an agent, fights with lightning and is pretty much the main hero
4: Rugal is a dimwitted nutball and can also manipulate fire for no apparent reason
5: Kyo doesn’t care jack about his clan’s history because being ignorant is just cooler
6: Saisyu is comatose and later dies
7: There’s some kind of alternate “Tournament” dimension complete with unexplained clothing changes.
8: Vice apparantly has the likes of Ramon, Shermie and Duo-Lon on her cellphone contact list
9: Yagami didn’t take in Orochi for vengeance for his dead wife, but to be "The King of Fighters"
10: Orochi is represented by a small floating ball of snakes