Kof Neowave Thread

Sure coming to your PM

Sure Ill send you the Geese goods…check your PMs shortly.

As far as Kulas go hers are the same as 2k2 style but take really precise timing this time around

Also people know that Kyo’s cr.DF+D is cancelable at the first hit IN NW!!!:tup:

Thanks a lot bro, Geese seems real good. I remember him being played a lot in some NW tourney awhile back.

I found Korigama’s Kula guide, and I’ll try to see if I can make any combos with Chin.

SBO3 etc…

Yes in like all the Carol vids Geese is used…and for good reason…he IS TOP TIER. One super he has pretty much is the defining super in the game arguably.
Choi and Saisyu are tough matchups for him…ESP CHOI…:xeye:

Okay lets revive this thread…yes I know this game is practically 2002…but Im still discovering shit…

Just curious experts out there…just how many frames does a move allow you? Why?? Because for mindgame purposes you can “store” a super/special move in this game for a little while

Example, With O. Rugal do fireball motion BUT DO NOT PRESS A BUTTON, walk forward a little then press the button=reppuken. Whats the use of this??

Well you ST fanatics know, you can either throw if you want, do a special move, or do the super if you do a double motion. This is great for mindgames/wakeup options…your opp. does not know what you are going to do…this makes for INSTANT REPPUKENS AND SUPER FROM WALKING IN KOF though you dont walk much in KOF(mostly on wakeup.)

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