KOF, new player help



First post here.

I’m planning on getting the new KOF gaming coming out. However, I have never played an SNK fighting game in my life.

Even when I played the CvS games, I always chose the Capcom characters I knew.

I’m looking to play some of the older KOF games, just to get used to some characters.

Are there any specific characters that I should be looking to use?

Are there any characters in the KOF game that could be considered an equivalent to SF? Like how Guile/Charlie/Remy are basically the same person?



Hmm, try KOF98 or KOF2002 on GGPO or 2DF would be easiest. I would recommend KOF98 starting out and for learning KOF12. Both of them have robust wiki entries:


There are some equivalent characters to SF, but generally only in how their moves are on a basic level or in principle. Since the style of gameplay is very different, it is hard to apply things simply from SF to KOF or vice versa.

This page also has some tips for a beginner: http://dune-enud.web.infoseek.co.jp/howto/top.html

It’s in Japanese, but the pictures say a lot. :slight_smile: