KOF noob, seeking advice

I’ve been budding an interest in the franchise since seeing XII in action, and I’d like to play some of the earlier titles to get more of a feel for it before it comes out, if that makes sense. Can’t really put it any better for some reason.

Basically, I’d like to know what the rest of you already know, much of this having to do with my current financial situation. Simply put, there are just too damn many of these games.

What is the general consensus here? Which ones are the most worth playing, and which ones should I avoid?

I already know there are at least two or three of them that are basically broken and unfinished, ala 96. But I also know that a lot of this is going to be based on subjectivity. For that matter, the more views I have in front of me, the better.

If you got a ps2 just by the orochi collection it’s kof 94-98 and get KOF XI to learn like Shen,Duo lon and Ash. together it should be less than 40 bucks

Get Kof 98 Ultimate match for the ps2 or the xbox 360 live arcade, and Kof XI for the Ps2 then you’re done. Together that should cost you only $20-$40 max.

I would also like to strongly recommend GGPO, although the arcade version of 98 seems to have awkward command inputs. Other than that though you can watch the fights which is usually high level stuff, and even practice against some of the players to pick up the tricks they use to bait and push people to death.

Edit: By the way GGPO is free.

If you’re new to the series, you should check out '98UM, 2002UM and XI. I think these games are the best versions of their respective eras. 2000 and 95 are also worth playing to see the striker system and also what early KoF was like.

Lathorian, watch this.


Then get KOF 98’ UM (PS2 version, or, if you don’t have that, XBox Live).

That vid was very informative, thanks. Too bad I couldn’t watch on HQ without it constantly stopping and rebuffering. Couldn’t pause and wait for more of it to load either, for some reason.

Go here:


And post this link in the bar:


It’ll download the video. Just save as.

I just go KOF 98 online its pretty fun, I have the Orichi Saga on my PSP too. Play some XBox live competition, preferably just Player Matches (unranked, no score) for practice and fun while the game is still fresh online.

If you’re familiar with Street Fighter, SNK games are slightly different. You’ll see when you play them.

Here is what you should do. You can download MAME and play KOF 94-2k3. Then you should download GGPO and set up 2DF. On GGPO you can only play 97,98,2000, and 2002 while on 2DF you can play 94-2003.

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=189688 (a forum with guides to GGPO, 2DF, and MAME)

Now since you have a 360 you can still pick up a copy of KOF Neowave for cheap (since its backwards compatible I do believe). Then you can get KOF XI and KOF98UM for rather cheap as well.

Now people on here are telling you to get 2k2UM but as far as I know that was only released in Japan so it might be a little bit more expensive to pick up.

Download KOF 98 UM from Xbox Live.

Yeah what he said.

94, 95 for old school KOF that is similar to SF II.

98 UM and XI for PS2 to get the best of the more modern KOFs. Playing these games and learning them will prepare you well for KOF XII.