KOF on PS3


I want to try to get into KOF, what are my best options as a PS3 Owner? The NeoGeo Station just launched yesterday so there’s KOF 94, I think other then that KOF 99 is out as a PSone Classic. Would it make any sense to use the Japanese PSN because I think they have from 95-99 and I was orginally thinking I’d want 98 or 2002 since what I’ve seen they look to play the best and their probably the most popular. Or should I just wait to see what else comes to the NeoGeo Station, since those games have online support and everything.

I just had the urge to try out games other then SSF4 and MvsC3 doesn’t come out for awhile


KOF94 is arcade perfect and the most wonderful KOF experience I’ve had in years, and best times online ever as well, and that was just the first night! Of course depending how you search, you could have trouble finding people or running into people with low PING, but if people make an effort to:

  1. meet more players online
  2. add the ones with no match breaking lag sessions to the friends list,
  3. create your own network of good connection players to play with through your PSN, and share their PSNs with each other to broaden their resources for a good connection online community as well.

If more people did this, they would spend more time playing with lag free or near perfect lag free matches, instead of ranting here and missing out on a really playable and great online experience! :party:

It’s unclear how many will buy KOF94, but I’m sure if people keep each other on the record, they will have more and more people to play with online, with lagless matches!

Ya I bought KOF99 (PS1) because it was the only KOF on PS3 at the time, lol. but ya KOF94 is the best KOF on PS3 and it is the first KOF, and even now I find it more fun and exciting than the latest KOF games, but it depends on your taste.
I really would like them to release 95, 96, 97, 98. If they release them in that order, even better! You could get a better idea how the series changed over time, and each one is great in its own way!

I’ll have to see how the KOF94 ps3 online scene evolves, but this is an important time to meet people online and network with people so they have more people that potentially have good connections to play with, so people don’t just give up and don’t play online anymore. Just like at the arcades, people have to socialize and network to have some good community happening.

PS3 has a nice text chat people can stream in the background, so that’s one of the useful tools to get more people to meet and test each others connections so they can add the ones that have great online match sessions with!

so yes, online experiences may vary. But if you just start getting into KOF, it’s quite ironic that you have a chance now to try KOF94 on PS3, the first of the series and really still holds up as one of the most fun fighting games with lots to offer.

Just letting you know there is no Team Edit, and if you want blood, choose Japan region. KOF95 was the first that introduced team edit. But KOF94 is still great, you can still choose the Order of your team, and there are is a decent amount of teams to choose from.

If you are still unsure, just wait for players to post PS3 KOF94 matches on youtube.


There aren’t that many current options on PS3 unless it has BC. If it does, your best bet is either KOF XI, 98UM on (has OG 98), or importing 02UM PS2. If it doesn’t have BC, wait until a KOF after 94 comes out, and pray that the online is playable.


Thanks for the responses :slight_smile: I think i’ll just wait a bit to see how KOF 94 turns out, I hope they steadily release other games in the series, not just the first of everything but its only like $9 so I’ll most likely get it. Also I just realized something, probably a dumb question but does the game have a training mode and a regular menu? Is it like a direct arcade port?


No training. normal mode is basically local arcade mode. network mode is online, which you can play arcade mode while waiting for the system to find a player to connect to, There are many Settings, and a complete instruction manual, and music test. And of course there is the moves list that you can pull up during matches.

You could say it’s like a direct arcade port, with plenty of good options, they didn’t mess with the integrity of the actual game, which is why there is no training mode. But that hasn’t stopped determined players to either use the 2 player controller method to practice, or learn and get better while fighting with the a.i. (you can pause in Normal mode using Select.)

Considered it’s only 8.99 it really gives a lot more quality and options with its core gameplay, much better and more accurate PING online search settings, and overall better features package, such as great display options for 4:3, 16:9, and there was another setting. JPN region option for complete original version, replay save feature, controller config, and more!

Just don’t expect a online community to fall on your lap, people will have to work at meeting compatible connections and be social enough to communicate and add people to lists to broaden their online match possibilities. If you meet a huge KOF94 fan with good connection, even better! It’s even harder finding the most enthusiastic and committed gamers. Usually some people play something for a week then you don’t hear from them again, lol.


Install an emulator like GGPO for online play if you have a decent computer. Play the older KOFs(like 97/98-02). You got shit on PS3. Seriously. WTF are you going to do with 94? The later KOFs are more than what 94 is. If all you have is a PS3, might as well wait until XIII drops.

I swear Affinity can make it seem like being buried in elephant shit up to your shoulders is a glorious experience.


You’d call a good pizza “elephant shit” just because it doesn’t have your preferred spices. :arazz: Would that mean you’d throw that pizza in the garbage? That would be a waste.

Also it’s shameful to play NeoGeo games on PC. Those emulators and roms are some of the main reasons that ruined SNK in the first place. People expect more from SNK, but they keep playing their free pirated emulation **** instead while they demand a NGBC2 and MOTW 2.

They have no respect for SNK, SNKP, the developers or any of the work they’ve done. Those GGPOers are just a bunch of spoiled self-centered leeches that exaggerate the negative aspects of any SNKP release. :arazz:

And it’s not like this is some boring $10 EchoChrome game. ( And some people complain NeoGeo Station prices are too much. >.> )

The later KOFs are great, but I would place all of them on the same level. None of the 2-D KOFs are superior to the other. Elitists may think so, but all the KOFs stand out in good ways and are irreplacable with what each contains. KOF94 included is just as fun as the later games.

It’s not like Street Fighter 2, Championship Edition and Hyper Fighting, while there are differences, most of it is virtually identical.

Comparing two KOFs is like comparing two very different works of art that share the same theme but beyond that have their own differences and unique qualities in many areas.


If you want to play a less broken version of 94, then play 95. One could visualize each Saga as a separate game series. For example (although not a tight analogy): KOF 94-95 is Street Fighter I, KOF 96-98, 2002, and XIII is the Street Fighter II series, KOF 99-01 is Street Fighter Alpha series, and KOF 03-XI is Street Fighter 3 series. Within those series, each “first game” usually experiments with a new system that sets the pace for the saga and is refined within the next games.

94 was trash while 95 refined that gameplay. 96 introduced running and hops and the gameplay was best refined in 98 and 98um and was carried over to 02, 02um, and XIII since it was a solid system (the difference being how one hitconfirms and the damage output that occurs but the core gameplay isn’t affected.) The NESTS saga was the Striker/Assist series of games that was best refined in 00 rather than in 01; this was because by 2000, SNK had already gone bankrupt and 2001 was developed by Eolith and was pretty garbage so the cycle was interrupted. Evidenced by this travesty, the better economic decision was to kick back to something safer to develop and release and that was KOF 2002, as it played fundamentally like 98. 03 was a start of a new saga and a time to experiment with a new system which was Tag and that had a rough start. It was later refined again in XI and there is no reason to play 03 over XI gameplay-wise.

So technically, the only “worthwhile” KOFs are 95, 98/um, 00, 02/um, XI, and XIII. If you’re interested in playing KOF seriously as a game you would think you’d get competitively in, I’d recommend just playing 98 on GGPO with experienced Asian and Hispanic players (in 2002, the tendency of Hispanic players being solid are pretty sketchy. Those that bother with 98 are usually the better players.) I wouldn’t really listen to Affinity since he just seems to be just a casual, weeaboo fanboy with no understand and lack of interest of high-level game play. The only reason to play “each” KOF is just for the story endings which you could easily find on google. If anything, just support SNK by buying the titles that actually have good/passable netplay. Or buy other games such as Metal Slug XX for PSP or 98um/02um if you want but it will have to be offline. It’s not worth buying older KOF titles that aren’t even arcade perfect.

Seriously Affinity, stop trying to make more people turned off to KOF please. It’s like trying to introduce someone to Street Fighter in 2010 with Street Fighter I or SFII World Warrior. We want people to play a good game under good netcode situations. Not a bad game with a company’s history of having bad netcode. What if Neogeo Station has terrible netcode? Not only would this person have wasted money on an irrelevant, bad game that no one (not even in Japan) takes seriously let alone plays anymore but he can’t even play it well with anyone online (as if anyone is going to try to play it online.) The person would have had a terrible experience and not even bother with KOF anymore. Please refrain from posting.


wow you are exaggerating. KOF94 =/= Street Fighter 2010. 2010 wasn’t even a fighting game! Alright we will never agree about the quality of KOF94, but I have KOF94 and the netcode isn’t bad, some agree with me.

Instead of seeing the netcode as below one’s standards, maybe one should consider their online standards being too high to accept anything but the best out there?

What if SNKP never releases a KOF with netcode that works for a lot of players in all regions or meets their standards?
Are you just going to give up on KOF instead of enjoying it with the players you have lagless matches with?

But you’re right, maybe they are better off waiting for KOFXIII, but who knows when North America is getting it for PS3, not everyone is keen on importing.


Affinity, read my post again. Did I talk about Street Fighter 2010? Or am I talking about trying to introduce a new player to Street Fighter in the year 2010? Are you that dense? “It’s like trying to introduce someone to Street Fighter in 2010 with Street Fighter I or SFII World Warrior.” Please up your reading comprehension.

I did suggest buying relevant games such as 98um and 02um that are known to have shoddy online support but are good games to play offline with others. The fact of the matter is that this person is trying to get immersed in KOF and 94 is just an irrelevant fossil that no one plays seriously at all. No one, at all. 98, 98um, 02, 02um, XIII, and to an extent XI are the only relevant KOF games that are being played by a sizable amount of players be it offline or online. I would not suggest having this person buy 94 just only for the sake of supporting SNK. Have them actually like the series by introducing them to a good game and let them make the choice of supporting SNK by buying an older, terrible game.

The argument isn’t about not supporting SNK. It’s about how to introduce a new player to the game series properly. If 94 was a good game, many people would be still playing it. Fact of the matter is that it simply is not. It’s an aged relic that offers nothing over the popular KOFs and is incredibly broken and imbalanced. The only time you’d find tournament footage is most probably from Mikado on Nicovideo and the comments would be all “wwwww” and “???” (Kusoge, as in shit game.)

“I want to try to get into KOF, what are my best options as a PS3 Owner?”

To properly answer your question Nespada09, I would suggest buying KOF98um for the PS2 if you could play it on your PS3. Otherwise if you want to get started on learning KOF fundamentals, work on trying to play KOF98 on GGPO with good players in anticipation for KOFXIII. If you’re able to get an offline scene going and have the self discipline to get better, then I would suggest getting KOF02um and KOF98um and play those with others. I wouldn’t recommend XI just yet because the game’s pace is more centered around offense and mix ups rather than having a balance of passive, defense, and offensive play styles like the 98 and 02 series have. 94 would be a bad game to get started on because it’s too primitive and irrelevant to the newest KOF coming out. It doesn’t have the latest subsystems like hops, running, or rolls. Top tier as I recall are the Ikari Warriors team because they could just cancel all their normals into whiffed command grabs that have no whiff animation so it’s almost like roman cancels for free. That, and the fact that the game is riddled with bugs, glitches, and whatever whatnot.

By the way, I wouldn’t trust someone who can’t recognize the fact that why a game could be bad nor could read well.


What the fuck am I reading?


if you’re looking for something to prepare yourself for 13 and is actually indicative of average kof gameplay, then skip out on 94 and play 98/2002 on ggpo (2002’s closer though). the comp is pretty decent and the input lag is second only to offline.

when any amount of lag is introduced, a game can essentially become completely different (though still visually similar obviously). risk/reward on things get skewed and some things can become a lot better or worse than they would be without it (good luck anti airing hops on reaction, for example). not to mention you also can’t always get the most out of your punishes because the lag can affect combos too. it can even get to a point where you second guess whether you want to try to punish shit or not because of it, and your opponent can get away with things they normally can’t offline. if you’re at a level where none of this really matters (nor are trying to reach that level), then yeah, your standards will be lower than that of somebody else who is. but still… i really shouldn’t need to explain the basic importance of having the least amount of external factors affecting a match.


And this is why you shouldn’t take Affinity’s posts seriously. He simply doesn’t care about the nuances of competitive play on a website’s forum that is dedicated to competitive gameplay theory and discussion.


Man I’m hoping '98UM, 2002UM, and Garou come to neo geo station. I need me some good battles on Ps3. GGPO just does not work for me.


Affinity u fucking suck. I knew you’d reveal your worthless lil head again on the forums trying to hype some bullshit. KOF94, are u fucking serious? Why in the fuck are u allowed to still be alive?

I don’t even like Anakron and Laban, but I agree with everything they said about u. Sad isn’t it?



I’m shocked Rougeyoshi gave Affini-idiot the respect to explain the intricacies on lag.

The bitch doesn’t deserve it. None of it.


I had a lot of “lolz” scrolling down. To Laban, thanks for mentioning that KOF’94 doesn’t have hops and all that stuff, thats a major turnoff as an intro to the series for me since that’s the main thing that seems the most difficult to get used to (the movement and pokes in general really) for me anyways.

I have considered KOF’98UM or 2002UM, I’m trying to figuring out a way to get them atm. I’ll most likely work with GGPO for now like you said and get '94 for the fun of it.

I wish SNK gave a better idea of what they plan to do with the NeoGeo Station, atleast they’re finally putting effort into getting games on PSN but I hope its not solely classics, if so they better get out KOF13 quick.


KOF 94 is what’s going to get people into the scene?
Really? KOF 94?
Is that what’s hot? Is that what’s going down in the streets right now?


Yeah, you didn’t hear? KOF 94 is that new shit [media=youtube]5vIezxqWe54"[/media]


Thus, the cycle repeats. Affinity says something dumb. People call him out on it. Unlike certain others around this board, he actually gets shut up. Then after a nice silence he’ll pop up again saying dumb stuff from a casual perspective which is incongruent with the purpose of these boards. I just hope you’re reading this Affinity, please stop posting. That, or get serious for once please.