KOF Online.... wut?



doesnt look fun to me.

wonder how well this game will go online. its not like anyone will take a chance on it after KOF 12. i know i wont. but thats more because its ugly and boring looking.


A fighting game thats a MMO, looks interesting.


Looks kinda side-scroller beat-em-up-ish, which makes it a lot more interesting than I’d originally thought.


Old to me, like 2 months old. Looks good though, but not what I wanted from a KOF MMO.


So they’re giving up on 1 on 1 fighting games?

Good choice Id have to say.


the idea of a kof scrolling beat em up in and of itself isnt a bad one.
the problem is the have used 3d gfx and gameplay.

they should reuse the kof 12 charcater sprites, make it play like an old style scrolling beat em up
streets of rage, final fight.

that would be good.
actually something liek that should be an extra with kof games like tekken has force mode.
(for example)


Reminds me of Tekken force; with Tekken 6 having more or less this same feature, I don’t think this is gonna do too well. The voice acting doesn’t seem very enthusiastic either.


This is the 3rd damn thread on this. WTF people.





it’s funny cause I remember there being a kof online game like 9 years ago in korea somewhat like this


I think this looks pretty cool, I agree it would be a nice extra with a kof game or as a xbl/psn game


I really like the character graphics…


kinda reminds me of tvc, but not as cool.