KOF orochi collection

My import copy just arrived. To those of you who are expecting a lot of extras, you will be dissapointed. There is no practice mode for all 3 games, very much like the original neo geo version which is lame considering KOF 94 rebout has it. Can’t believe they can’t even implement such a simple feature after delaying the game for so long. The secret characters are unlocked from the start except orochi(KOF 97). The 3 games(KOF 95,96 &97) are on 1 DVD disc.

Gamelay is just like the arcade and i don’t see any differences in the graphics but the sound effects seem muffled just like the last blade port.

This latest collection is a bit of a dissapointment to me as far as the sound and not including the practice modes are concerned.

I recommend this game to those who really like KOF 95-97. If not, you will not like what you see.

thanks for the heads up man!!! prob get neowave, 11, or ngbc instead…

so basically this is an emu like last blade port, that sucks, ill still get it, but XI is the main game im looking at.

Same here, KoF 97 has so many many memories, that I would pay ANYTHING to get it, but damnit SNK why are u making this dumb shitty mistake? Look at what Capcom did with the SFA & Darkstalkers Collections! OK, so there isn’t an online mode, but there IS a Gallery mode & extra character(s) :/.

As I expected…SNK didnt try like they did with the Last Blade collection…oh well…

They should either focus on the newer games or remake the older ones…bc now some are getting to play the older SNK games just now for the first time ever…

Wait a minute…now this is just ridiculous.

How the fuck does SNK expect people to buy their old ass games when they won’t even add a BASIC feature like a practice mode?

Whoever still buy this compilation after reading this thread is an idiot. Sometimes SNK just doesn’t deserve to be supported.

damn it!!!

Haha, the only way to practice is plugging another controller and going to the 2p modes. But it’s not fun at all. They could have made a deep practice mode like the recent KOF games but they choose not to.

I like KOf 96 the best. It has great music and BGs but the controls are tight. KOF 97 has the smoothest gameplay among them.

What system again?

This shit needs to come out in the states NOW!

They’re killing me with this sound shit.

I thought the muffled sound issue would only be with the Saturn ports. Guess not.

No practice mode? Fuck that. I recommend KOF Winkawaks Collection. Every game from 94 to 2001 arcade perfect with all the dipswitch settings you want.

One question that matters that you forgot to answer:
is online match possible?

fuck I’m so angry, I wanted to play kof 97 in practice so bad. Now I won’t do it for the rest of my life.

The english options are available for kof 96 & 97 only. KOF 95 does not have it. It does not matter anyway, this game is still import friendly unlike other games like FF 12.

The online play is for japan only i believe.

Seriously, if you guys have the emu for all games, you aren’t missing out at all, unless you feel that color edit and AST are important.

Man, if they f’up the yet to be seen on ps2 kof98 like this I’m gonna burn Japan once for all…

Did they include any bugfixes in these games, like fixing the 97 infinte glitch?

Well you know 98 is gonna get a Rebout version on PS2 so dont worry…

Since there are no options for arcade or original gameplay modes, unlike the recent KOF ports, I am assuming the infinites and bugs are there in their full glory.

The whole port is similar to the neo geo version right down to the start-up screen after you load one of the 3 games.

Any info of this game coming to the US PS2?