KOF Orochi Saga Collection - US Version


anyone looking forward to it? i am simply for the collectors aspect eventhough we all are looking forward to the other kof titles due in the future. Lamestops and Lamerush’ prob wont have them tomm eventhough its the release date unless ya pre ordered them. If anyone finds one tomm def post it on here im intrested to see what ya think.


I sort of am. Then I remember '94 & '95’s stubborn-ass A.I, RUGAL and my apathy towards KOF '96 & '97. Oh, and the fact that it’ll bring limited replay value seeing as I’m the only one in my vicinity who still plays these games. '94 & '95 were mad fun and are probably amongst the most well-remembered KoFs (they came out when fighting games were still somewhat hot, and KoF '95 was even brought over to the U.S PS1 by SONY themselves, and featured on their circa-1996 demo discs). After '95 however it seems like only SNK and hardcore fighting game fans catered to the KoF games, as gaming mags rarely kept up with the series and casual fighting game fans didn’t even know it existed. The recent console ports beginning with KoF '99 on PS1/DC has increased their prescence and popularity somewhat.

I enjoy the simplicity and brokenness of '94 & '95, and find most subsequent KoF games as too boring ('96, '97, '99, '01) or complicated to enjoy. Could be the reason why I’m mostly a Super Turbo guy as well.


I made a thread about this sometime back but it got deleted I guess.
But your best bet in terms of overall price would be at cduniverse.com (I think…)
Total price w/ standard shipping: $17.05 (Game price $14.09)




thanks for the response when i got into kof thanks to my fandom of cvs2 i scooped up 95 and 99 and the rest i could get having a ps2 and ps1 getting the “anthology” will be sweet however the us market is getting dicked as far as 98um right when 2002um will be released but yeah it should be cool just be sure to post when ya get it k?


Got the PS2 version pre-ordered on Amazon.

Just waiting for it to ship now


Amazon link:

If you are about to buy something on Amazon, buy it with this. Save on shipping, and get KOF for exactly 14.99.

As with the other SNK collections, this is gold. KOF 94 - 98 in one place. IN ENGLISH.

Support the one company who consistently supplied us with 2D fighting action during these past few years while we waited for SF4. Seriously, SNK Playmore USA has been on point…delays and all…they’ve delivered some good ish.


I will be getting this no questions asked. Best thing about this collection is that it lacks the faggotry of KOF 98UM’s cover.


Even the japanese version is in english. See, in the options of every kof game, there’s this “language” setting that has japanese, english, and…what, portuguese? That shit’s already translated upon japanese release…which makes NO fuckin’ sense why they can’t do worldwide releases of their games.


So SNK Playmore released a game on time? Whoa.

Oh wait, today is only this shipment date. There is still time for them to fuck it up.


I saw this last Sunday at Bestbuy.


so what are you saying?

so your saying that it was released early in toronto or something?


Let’s just hope SNK gets the emulation down right FOR ONCE!


My KOF 97 for Saturn didn’t have English option…unless I TOTALLY missed it…

Aww, don’t make me go hook up my Saturn to check…


for the first time a U.S cover is better than the japanese one


I was order it today

thank you for update informations. :china:


KoF '95 doesn’t have that option. You can only change difficultly and button settings. At least in arcade mode. 96.97 does have the language option you’re talking about that.

I’ve had the jap version for months myself.


No kof before 96 was worth importing anyway. 2-button dms, my ass. I started on Saturn kof 96, myself.


'95 WAS the only KoF ported to home consoles before '96. Shit, it was the only KoF available for a domestic home console (1996) until KoF DM’99 (1999), and most of everyone passed that one aside.

What version of '96 (MVS or AES?) was it that had those HORRENDOUSLY hard-to-pull button motions that required you to pull off EXACT button motions to pull off moves and supers? Meh @ '96, and also at '97 with its UGLY character art (WTF was it with everybody having small-ass heads and linebacker shoulders?)

As difficult as they were, pulling off those complicated pre-KoF '96 DM motions and hitting them was satisfying beyond words.


there were always shortcuts or easier ways to do them, also dms are easier on stick than pad like heidern’s dm.


Dude, I respect you for your Bloody Roar promotion reps and whatnot, but, come on man. KoF Mother Fukken 95 here.

Having said that though, I have to wait on reports, I don’t want to blow money on lol double loading screens.