KOF Orochi Saga PSP JAP

Is not trash. This is the best portable version of these games you will get sans emulation. Get the JAP version ASAP. No input lag and music/any glitches I can report from playing for 2 hours straight.

Didn’t know where to put this so I made a new thread after all these years.

Mind you, it still has dumb shit like the POW meter doesn’t go away after supers and no regular setting for the gauge in training mode either.

How are the load times? Do they still get longer and longer as you move up in the series?

Oh and is 98 Ultimate Match really on this version of the collection?

One other question, can you use the Arrange music in the damn matches. Most annoying thing about the American release on the PS2

The loading times have been reduced by a lot. The only time it was kinda long was when you start the game and before your first match. And I’m pretty certain that UM isn’t in this version.

No clue. I didn’t go through any of the arcade modes because I was mesmerized by how fluid the controls were that I never left practice mode LOL! I didn’t unlock anything yet. I certainly will do so some point today though.

What about the games navigation and presentation screen where each game is chosen? Is it the same as that god awful (Terminal Reality developed) US version?

It looks the same but isn’t the same. No more lag.

Honestly, they took some stuff out of this version like the music gallery. I suppose that’s why the game feels more streamlined too.

What is it, 1943? No one fucking says Jap anymore. Might as well start referring to all asians as “orientals” while you’re at it.

OH! one more question. Did they retain those terrible loading screens that appear before the chosen game is launched? (the screen that displays a character from a specific KOF version and one of DM command specials)

If this doesn’t pertain to the topic, kiss my Negroid ass. Get out if you don’t like the terminology.

Yep. All nice and pixeled up close just like we hate it lol!

LOL! Thanks Shishioh, appreciate the reply! : )

I tried 98 and it suffers from slowdown, the sprites look worse also

in my opinion nothing beats emulation

My NeoGeo does a pretty good job :razz:

Of course not. But I’ll say this about it, I could get every single last move out with no problem at all. Even 96.

Wow, the JPN version of the KOF collection for PSP is better than the english versions? Sounds interesting, I didn’t think they’d do it. I might check it out.

Well this version sounds better than the Orochi Collection on the PS2 Japanese and American because I’m telling you right now, they are garbage on the PS2, the controls are garbage, not even close to the arcade versions in that regard…

Quick question:

Anyone else finding qcfs difficult to do on 98 & 97? I feel like I have to press really hard on df to make qcfs come out but every other motion comes out flawlessly. It’s annoying because I can’t bust out qcf on the fly.

The JPN PS2 version (KOF Orochi Hen) was that bad?