Kof rocks on the gameboy thats for sure

Being playing kof ex2 howling blood for several good hours. And wow its really good almost like the iriginal experience. Now DISCUSS!!

Try it on the Neo Geo Pocket Color - either version, R1 or R2, they’re both great…

Kof 2006 is good.

i had kof '95 on the gameboy. think i might still have the cart lying around somewhere.

GBC KOF '96 Combo movie

I played KoF’95 on the gameboy to death as a kid. Man, that game had such a sweet engine. I remember collecting all of the “Dead Heat Fighters” on gameboy after seeing how great Samurai Showdown and KoF’95 turned out. Good times.

^ did you tried fatal fury speciel for the gameboy?,thats a most own for any fighting game and gameboy fan.

EX2 has the Clark striker training mode pause glitch like the Neo-Geo version, because of that I’m convinced it’s a more accurate port of KOF2K than it seems.

EX was terrible, I bought a cheap flea market bootleg a week after release and still felt ripped off. Try reacting to things when the game animates at 3fps, no fun.

Battle Arena Toshinden on Game Boy was, in fact, a much better game than the original.

It was made by Takara, the same guys who made KOF95/96 on GB.

I bought a Super Gameboy just so I can play that on my TV… It was like a month’s worth of allowance back in those days.

For another interesting curiosity, there’s also Takara’s Transformers Beast Wars GBC game:

As you can tell, it plays just like their KOF games and thus, it’s just as good. Since it’s Japanese in origin, they also have a number of characters from the JP-only Beast Wars anime sequels. Might be the reason they never bothered to localize this, even during the height of BW’s popularity.

Always wondered what happened to Gaibrain (the actual devs behind these GB/GBC fighters). They just disappeared after like 2000.

Fatal Fury Special is even better on GameGear.

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GBC KOF '96 Combo movie


Wasn’t interested before but I’m definitely gonna take a look now.

I sure did. I also played Toshinden on gameboy and loved every minute of it. Dat combo system!

and also chack this sountrack

KOF EX2 is damn good.

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Wow, I had no idea they had KoF games on GameBoy! I had Samurai Shodown back in the day and loved that game, but man… O_o