KoF Series Questions

I’ve played all of the KoF games at least a little, but there were a lot of them and the improvements were usually very minor so i’m having a hard time remembering when different concepts were introduced. So i’ve got some questions. Please only answer if you’re absolutely sure or if you happen to have the game in front of you to test it.

  1. When were Alpha Counters introduced?
  2. When were rolls introduced? Were both forward and backward rolls introduced together?
  3. When were CD attacks introduced? I’m pretty sure KoF94 had CD attacks.
  4. When did Counter Hits start allowing one free juggle followup?
  5. When was run introduced?
  6. When were chain combos introduced? I know KoF96 had them, but i can’t remember if that was the first time.
  7. When was the ability to create your own teams introduced?

More later if these questions actually get answered. Thanks ahead of time.

  1. 96, and yes.
  2. Correct.
  3. 96
  4. 95
  1. Was KoF97. 96 had no command normals

1- 97
2- 96, yes
3- 94
4- I think it was 97 or 98
5- 96
6- I think it was 97
7- 95

More: KoF 97 and 98 are the only KoF games that allow players to select between the 2 mais SNK grooves: Advance and Extra
Extra groove is the original KoF style with dodge and dash and Advance started on 96 with roll and run.

Guard Cancels have existed since 94…:confused: What you’re talking about are Guard Cancel Roll and Guard Cancel CD…=/

3- Ground CDs have been around since 94, they shared the same animation in the air as 95% of the cast’s j.D, however. They gained their own animation in the air in 95.

Counter Hits getting juggle opportunities came with Shingo(and critical hits) in 97.

Can you tell me why Shingo gets critical hits out the ass in 98? Is it because it’s a Dream Match, and HE’S the one dreaming it?

Must be a shitty dream, considering he’s still not shooting flames out of his ass at that point.

I think counter hits started in KOF '96…I should know, I once hit Chin with Ryo’s standing C for 3 hits on a Counter (yes, that’s right, 3 HITS!).

Oh yeah, and KOF '97 started the whole link combo thing as KOF '96 had no command moves to chain with.

CHs in 96 were a lot less refined. In 97-on they allowed one free juggle hit. In 96, you could randomly juggle up to 3 other hits IIRC.

What do you mean by Guard Cancels? What exactly did KoF94 have in this area?

If you had Max, while blocking you could perform any special/super, and it would cancel guard stun and come out normally. Kinda like RB Series’ Break Shots. I can’t remember if that burned your bar upon use.

Cool. I found a KoF95 match video and it looks like it takes no meter but it requires full meter. I’m still not sure if Guard Cancels were around in KoF94 but i’ll take your word for it. So combo meter and counterhit messages were introduced in KoF96. When were short jumps introduced? Looks like KoF96 but i’m not sure.

High Jump was 95, Hop and Hyper Hop were 96.

Guard Crush was introduced in KoF96 right? I read in some faq that there are Guard Drops in KoF95 “like World Heroes Perfect” except the guy didn’t bother explaining what the hell he was talking about or how it was done. Any idea what Guard Drop means?

Thanks for your help by the way. I really appreciate it.

I’ll look into it. I don’t remember GCing or anything forcing wierd guard stuns in 95…

No prob, I have nothing better to do. =p

This got me a wonderin’, was there anything major added to the KOF series after '98 aside from strikers/tagging/BC combos?

  • Counter/Armor modes in KOF '99/2000

  • Surrogate “ratio” system in KOF 2001

  • KOF '99 had some weird rolls. The backward roll was used to leap backward and IMMEDIATELY dash forward. You could perform an attack during the forward roll, as well (kind of like the dodge counterattack move from KOF '95).

'99 b+AB Tactical Hop(or whatever the name was)- Hop back, then forward to the spot you vacated. Can be cancelled before the hop forward with a special, and the recovery at the end can be cancelled with a normal.

2k1 Wire Damage - Certain moves, on hit or CH would shoot the opponent to the wall, where they’d bounce up for one free juggle move. Wire moves, on guard, would guard break automatically.

Not major, but…

2k2 AB cancels - During any normal, you can cancel it upon hit into an AB roll.

Able to SC into DM from special moves from KOF 2000.
HSDMs in 2k2?
Able to see imminent Guard Crush.
No wakeup invulnerability in 2k3?
Can’t block when you land from a jump in 2k3

SCs existed in Counter Mode back in 99, I forget why it was in 2k other than the temporary infinite meter…=/