Kof session on July 5th in MA(Updated with a list of games) VF 5 added!

I didn’t know where to put this so I thought it would be ok to put it in here. I am going to have a session for some KOF games at my house and if there’s enough people then I might decide to have a tourney. If you want to go then be around my apt at 2pm. If you can bring anything with you like games,sticks, and possibly tv’s that would be kewl. The address is 18 county st Mansfield MA 02048 if you live in the boston area then you could take the purple line to my town.

The games I should have are- NGBC,Kof Neowave,Kof 02,and possibly KOF 98 UM. I talked to some people and there is going to be VF 5(360 version) avable to play.