KOF Stick Review

I found this stick while searching for them on the internet.


It has a very affordable price but is it a good stick and should I buy it?
It would be very much appreciated if anyone can help me decide.

Thank You

I havn’t used the stick but judging from the looks it looks like the buttons are not arcade style at all, but like a regular controller sized up

So I’m going to guess its not going to be a likable stick, but as said never tried, only judging a book by its cover here.

Hopefully someone who has tried it will be able to tell you a good review

chances are you will never get one

that retailer are notorius for letting you order stuff that they cannot obtain anymore , they are lazy and really should sort their website out to block orders of non-stock / non-obtainable goods

If you’re a big KOF fan you might like that stick as a collectors item, but if you’re an arcade stick fan you’ll be happier without it. I had the Soulcalibur 2 stick like that they did and it was terrible! Plus they were notorious for defects. I vote, skip it.

I second that “skip it”…

Friend and I had 2 each of the Soul Calibur 2 sticks and 3/4 of them had the joystick fall apart after a few months or simply not working on certain consoles.

There’s also the programmable stuff that is impossible to find instructions for online if you happen to lose the little piece of paper the stick comes with… :sweat:

Oh god… That was my first stick (the KOF one), it was the worst thing that I had ever used. I ended up selling it to MR.GAY who I think gutted it afterwards.


First of all thanks to everyone who stopped me from buying that POS and saving me 20.

I recently found another stick


Is this worth it?

Help given and to be given will be appreciated and rewarded with a match with me on SF4 on PS3 if possible. Do not worry I will give you a good match.:china:

Looks like a Mayflash. Search the forum, a few people have modded them.

It’s vastly overpriced. They’re available for about 20.00.

That looks much better, at least it has the arcade style layout unlike the other one. I never tried that joystick so I’m just judging it by the pic.

Yeah, definitely looks to be an Elecom/Mayflash. As someone stated above, it can be obtained for a lot cheaper than that (http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-m-49-en-70-2byy.html - $30 USD = estimated almost half price from the site you have listed?)

I’ve just ordered one recently, because from what I’ve seen they can be fitted with Sanwa parts with only minor modifications, so you get a pretty reasonably priced shell.

Dont buy that KoF stick unless youre collecting it…Buy a Mayflash so you can just mod it anytime

i own a modded mayflash with sanwa parts, its my little gem :smiley:

If you are going to buy the mayflash you are probably better off modding it, the stock parts, i have heard, stiffen up after a while and ultimately get stuck.

The mayflash one is definitely better than the KOF one, but not as good as a HORI.

Mayflash is not really that bad…its alright for me…buttons dont get stuck, theyre pretty responsive…

As the others have said, I too recommend the Mayflash. I should warn you the stock buttons for the Mayflash are similar to regular controllor buttons, except bigger. If you have no plans on modding it, I would try to get a Hori stick because the buttons are better (they use microswitches).

Modding the Mayflash isn’t too difficult, but a soldering gun is needed and a dremel is highly recommended.



If you do get the Mayflash can you please take a picture of the box and manual. I want to know if the newer versions have changed the PS3 button layout. It is different on my Mayflash, but I do not have a PS3 to test it out.



Yeah you would need to make the holes a little bigger for sanwa snap ins.
You can even go the whole way with perspex if you want, like i have.




Thankyou everyone for helping me buy my first stick. It had become necessary after the injury to my thumb. Any ways I will post the pics here for you claudeswares when I get it.

Oh and add me on your PSN if you want a match. The ID is Heman222.

I think its a good rule that if an arcade stick is not rectangular/square/boxy in shape (mass produced retail sticks now), then just avoid it.

Good stuff, glad to hear that you’re upgrading to a stick :razz:.

If you’re looking to mod it a little once you get it, this thread might be of interest to you: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=169569


that kof stick my friend just bought suck ass hardcore

the stick is fucked up, it feels wierd and you can’t even jump diagonally properly

he bought it for 70 usd