KOF storyline questions

Hope it’s ok to put this here since most of the storyline experts seem to hang here…

  1. In KOF 94, why are there people in certain countries team’s that don’t belong there (ie, Terry in Italy?)

  2. Did I imagine chang being in SS?

  3. Wasn’t Choi in a background in FF2?\

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  1. I really don’t know. And since SNK hasn’t done it since, I’m sure they realized it was a stupid idea.

  2. Could you have mistaken Earthquake for Chang?

  3. IIRC, Chang isn’t an original KoF character. He originated in Fatal Fury I believe.

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If memory serves, the Italy / Fatal Fury ordeal was a sponsorship thing, the teams needed countries to sponsor them. I suppose it’s like how companies sponsor / endorse race car drivers. But that was dropped over time.

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WTF chang isnt from Fatal Fury, the only link between him and fatal fury is Kim.

KOF has dream matches which are basically games without stories, KOF94 is a dream match, despite Rugals revenge agenda for comming back for 95.

94 really has nothing to do with the Orochi saga.

Basically dream matches are usually homages to all the goodness of the saga before It.







Really things start to get messy around the nests saga in terms of storyline.

Like Sano said, it was more of a sponsorship thingy, although some teams could be tracked down to their countries of origin (USA, China -although Athena is Japanese-, Japan, Korea). I guess the other teams were just sorted out to cover the more important countries that were missed out, although it is curious to note that Andy Bogard also fought in Italy in FF 2/FFS (although I don’t understand why they put him there, either). :sweat:

Nah, it was Earthquake. Chang may pick his nose, but Earthquake farts! :wonder:

No, he wasn’t. Pretty hard not to notice a Freddy Krueger midget (and no, he’s not one of the bikers that zip by, either).

Although one funny thing to note is that Chang and Choi DO make a cameo in Kim’s RBFF ending. :wgrin:

er what about Kyo’s father being found and shit in the end, IMO the game is what started it all off.

Its weord though as I always thought the Fatal Fury and AOF teams where like Ryu and Ken.

IMO The Japan team became the best as they were a JPN people team:lame: and didnt want the FF or AOF team to rule, well bollocks to that idea

Kyos Dad is not in the original 94 game as a player his just their to make Kyo go into rage mode and be able to beat Rugal, you know the whole my fathers been beaten to death thing, Im going to kill you for that!!

His in 95 as a sub boss, which includes him in the plot more, 95 is the start of the Orochi saga so says SNK and what they say goes.

Ok this Ryu and Ken issue always pops up, I know people were angry when CVS2 cameout and Terry didnt have a Intro with Ryu.

It terms of characters in their respective plots yes Ryu and Terry are equals.

However clearly the designs of Terry and Ken match more closely and I luv that little hat intro.

I never pick Ryo much and havent played for awhile but I think him and Ryu do have a special Intro, where Ryu acknowledges him by doing a Kyokugen style stance.

Kyo is simply the leading hero in SNKs leading franchise so I can understand why they did that.

KOF '94 wasn’t a dream match, it was just a set-up, kinda like the prequel of sorts. You can tell because all the endings are about “LOLZOR I’M TEH BEST!1!” and don’t dwell much into background issues. You can tell that KOF '95 follows KOF '94 quite clearly by the simple fact that all the characters acknowledge Rugal’s death-and-subsecuent-return. Now, if KOF '94 has NOT happened, everyone would just say “Who the fuck is that guy in the chair?”. :rofl:

Ryu and Ryu do have a special intro in CvS, but it’s just a nod to the generic intros in AOF 1 (characters start off close to each other, but jump back to their original positions).

THANK YOU :cool:

All I know SNK state KOF 95-97 AS the Orochi saga.

KOF 94 is a standalone.

Rugal also cameback from the dead in 98 and 2k2.

I can see what your trying to say but I go with the facts.

You want to agrue ask SNK and tell them their wrong and put 94 in the Orochi saga.

SNK themselves referred to 94 as a Dream match while talking about 2002.

Of course, companies don’t always make lots of sense (given that KOF 95 makes several references to KOF 94)

Falcoon also said KOF Maximum Impact is a dream match and KOF Maximum Impact part 2 is a dream match that has nothing to do with part 1, even though part 2 references Duke being defeated in part 1.

Maybe it’s like the upcoming Hulk movie, it’s a spiritual sequel to the first movie and a soft reboot. As far as we know they won’t do the Hulk origin again but they will change all of the actors and most likely not go out of their way to contradict the first movie.

Then again, when saying this Avi Arad compared this soft reboot to what Batman Begins did to the Tim Burton movies, I dunno I don’t see that as a soft reboot but more of a major revamp myself… well maybe it’s soft I guess because Batman’s still wearing all black I suppose as in they didn’t get rid of all of Tim Burton’s stuff…

So maybe these games are spiritual sequels and soft reboots… well more KOF 95 and not KOF MI 2 which was called a dream match…

My head hurts… :rofl:

Well, Capcom also says that all the SF games are different continuities from each other, too, despite the clear referencing of Alpha 3 to Alpha 2 or Final Fight One to Alpha 3, etc.

I’m thinking that Capcom and SNK are stupid sissies who are too scared of actually being brought to task about sticking to continuity and thus pussyfoot their way around things by saying there is no such thing even though there clearly is (albeit ludicrously slipshod and retconned).

Miyamoto also says there’s no Mario canon even though many MANY Mario games’ plots clearly reference previous ones, too (Mario & Luigi Partners in Time alone connects Yoshi’s Island, Luigi’s Mansion, and many MANY other Mario games together quite clearly), but he gets to be excused because he’s Miyamoto and because it’s Mario.

(it is, however, reasonably clear that KOF is a different continuity from Fatal Fury and that KOF MI is a different continuity from KOF. …reasonably. Although having so many alternate continuities for various series in itself is another way of pussyfooting around and sidestepping the actual effort required to put together coherent crossovers in one coherent universe)

That’s HILARIOUS given that Miyamoto also says that the Legend of Zelda games all exist within the same continuity (except for the CD Phillips games and you know why - they suck!!!) even though he has yet to establish a timeline like Castlevania has, leading to countless fan theories and what not of what takes place when. Since Ocarina already let out that it’s just Link, Ganon and Zelda reincarnating themselves over and over again I’m not sure why he doesn’t just establish a timeline already, what’s the hold up??? Maybe he’s a sissie too lol!

Go go Igarashi of Castlevania! Even though he took out Circle of the Moon and the Nintendo 64 games from the timeline for no reason at all since still none of them contradict anything but I guess it’s just because they were unpopular… And he got rid of Castlevania Adventure only because it had a female lead of all things and he doesn’t want female leads for Castevania… that storyline also doesn’t contradict anything… the main character of Lamont of Innocence doesn’t fight Dracula in the game so Sophia Belmont can still be the first Belmont ever to fight Drac, still no storyline detail overturning that, just Igarashi’s word.

Man he SHOULD get rid of Lamont of Innocence only because that is the worst Castlevania game ever made IMHO… but I guess it serves the purpose of where they want Castlevania to go and it removes the fan fiction theory that Dracula was Kid Dracula of those games. Course the new fan fiction theory is that Alucard was Kid Dracula, guess you can’t win. Why anyone would want to tie in the cartooney Kid Dracula games to Castlevania is beyond me but oh well. :rofl:

Well also if you listen to KOF 98 intro

It ALL BEGAN in 94, KEPT on ROLLING in 95, secured its place in 96 and the games began in 97.

Thats why I think 94 started it off

Actually, it’s…

It all began in '94
Kept on rolling in '95
Pieces fell in place in '96
It came to an end in '97
Now it comes and here we go
KOF is here again
Nothing gonna stop it, it’s 1998!

well you better than me, I couldn’t hear that stuff after 1996

A monster with the same name as main villain of the Kid Dracula games DOES appear in Symphony of the Night and infers that he’s fought Alucard before… bwa, but maybe the whole thing is some sick joke by Konami. At any rate, getting off topic, so… :stuck_out_tongue: