KOF Storyline thread


I havent been following the new storyline since the conclusion of the NEST saga. All I know is that someone stole the Orochi power or something like that.
The new storyline just doesn’t interest me at all so thats why I haven’t pay attention to it. The Orochi saga was good, NEST was meh, but the new storyline so far just suck.


The storyline they built in 2003 was quite good.

It’s just that in XI they decided to ignore most of it. And then KOF XII ignore nearly all of it.


the new storyline is raw


I’m curious. How did they ignore it in XI?


Has there really been 11 tournaments? I hope not…Im hoping the current storyline is only around the 3rd-4th tournament.


Lot’s of un-answered questions, most of the ending’s in KOF 2003 were left on a cliff hanger because of that, KOFXI was more of a dream match than a story game… I mean it had Geese and MOTW style Terry for God sakes :rofl:

and yes there’s been 11 or so tournaments counting MI (2004), MIRA (2006) along with dream matches 98, 2002 and KOFXI would count as KOF 2005 then include the rest but for some reason KOF XII is XII but not XIII since MIRA should be counted as XII right? :wasted: ah whatever SNKP says goes…


The Maximum Impact Series is based in the Fatal Fury Timeline so it goes something like The Fatal Fury Games, the MI games, and then finally, Garou.

I can go into detail the history of KOF if u want as I can probably write a simple summary.


Uh…KOF MI is its own universe, not related to any other SNK timeline.

Falcoon has said this, because even though the games fit in between the end of FF and the beginning of Garou there are too many other inconsistencies with the other SNK franchises. I believe they only said it in order to assure people that MI is a dreammatch series so that just about anyone they want can show up in the games (Hanzo, Mizoguchi).

In the KOF timeline, there have only been 9 real tournaments (94-97, 99-2001, 2003-XI) and yet somehow most characters have seemed to stop aging at all after 97’…

Maybe I should write a KOF Storyline FAQ, because it seems too many people are confused on the facts (not that I can blame them, the story has gotten way too convoluted and doesn’t make much sense anymore).


It’s so damn true about the convolution. I wonder if a true reboot, where we start completely over is in the cards for the future?


I find it better just to imagine each story arc as it’s own tournament, and not 9 seperate tournaments. That would explain lack of aging better.


But we can`t have Mai getting old now, can we?

Like 3 people care at all about KoF storyline so i really doubt that.


Well, if the tournaments were monthly it would make more sense, I think.

I think they should’ve made KOF have nothing to do with FF in the first place to prevent the confusion in the storylines. They should just let anything go and let Rock Howard come in and fight his dad in KOF, who cares about plot issues. KOF is meant to be a free-for-all of SNK characters. (As long as they’re in roughly the same time period)

I think they should go with this, because the story isn’t even taking itself seriously when EVERY tournament has got some villain funding it for their corrupt ways. Sometimes the reason for gathering all these warriors is very silly. (KOFMI2: We’re aliens looking to anal probe the best warrior on the planet. How do you feel about that Mr. KOF?)

The new storyline is interesting, but I don’t like how effeminate and young Ash Crimson is. (Seriously, a 16 year old faggot is beating the shit out of these people?) They should’ve made Ash into a 23 year old chick instead.


That would make sense except that it wouldn’t explain the constantly changing KOF sponsors.


i think we’ll have a powerless Kyo at the end of KOF XIII


I would like to see a dead Ash to be honest.


I thought I read somewhere that the KOF series is like its own series and takes place in a different universe than Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, etc series so that everyone could be in it. Hence why Terry isn’t God in the KOF series.


KoF is an amalgamation of SNK franchises that runs pretty much alongside the Fatal Fury world but doesn’t really take part, like a parallel world that has a bigger tournament


Ditto. Can’t stand that that faggot is supposed to be retarded good and has Iori’s flames. GTFO SNKP with that bull. Let a real man like Shingo get his flames!:annoy:

I’m hoping that the next KOF protagonist is anywhere near as awesome as K’.


I hope they kill him off also and that they do it in a fantastic he’s never coming back fashion. Not even for a dream match.


… Ash is a cool character.