KOF Storyline thread


Of course I can judge people on how they look if they’re in a video game. I have no problem with Benimaru, I’ve learned to like his style. Shion and Ash are on a whole 'nother level.

Ash: Retardedly overpowered, the current protagonist, and he’s 16. He even beat IORI and took his flames.

Let’s look back: Kyo=Awesome, K’=Cool and slick, and now Ash=:looney:

Shion: I swear I though that was a woman. Sorry I don’t like trannies. (Especially if they’re broken motherfuckers)

EDIT: Shouldn’t matter to you anyway, 'cause I use him.


im telling you people, if only ash was a girl instead of a… :shake:


The only “tranny” in a fighting game is Poison from Capcom.

I can agree with K’ being awesome, but Kyo and Iori haven’t been anywhere close. ever.

Ash beating Iori is great, shows everyone how much of a pussy Iori is!


Doesn’t stop Shion from being quite possibly the gayest fighter in KOF ever. (Except for Another Jivatma)

I’ve always liked Kyo because he’s an everyday guy, can’t keep up with school, being the best rekka fighter ever, and has had sweet costume designs. I don’t care a lot for Iori, but some no name gay frenchie beating him and taking his flames is pretty dumb. (On the other hand it’s made him more fun to play as :looney:) There’s a reason most SNKers don’t like him outside of Japan. I’ll take Shen Woo as the protagonist any day of the week.

EDIT: I wouldn’t have minded him as much if they went for his more dark designs in some comic I saw of 2k3.

Hecatom: Exactly my point.


Am I the only one who plays games and switches some aspects to my liking? I just pick Ash and say Im choosing a female character, same with Bridget in GGXXAC etc. Who cares whats ‘official’ twist it to how you like to envision it.

I never knew Shion was male before this board…but to me, she’s still a chick. Haha


Are you that insecure that you need to do something like that? lol


I do the same thing myself. I imagine Sakura, Athena, and Yuri are totally legal and that Poison is all woman. I also imagine that Elizabeth is sexy man and that Ryu is a hermaphrodite.


Isnt Athena legal?

On that note, back to thinking about Momoko for no apparent reason.


Boy did this topic fall off quick


You guys are weird.


Well, if all the closet homos/pedos are done ranting I figured I’d revive this topic because it seems some people are actually starting to get interested in the KOF story and I find even long-time fans are often confused or misled about certain things.

The thing that makes the overall story of KOF so engaging isn’t the plot at all (as mentioned before, most of the main plots of the games are pretty fucking stupid–see especially: all of NESTS, MI2, hell just about anything Falcoon is responsible for).
Instead it’s the characters…most of the character themselves have fairly detailed personalities and histories. Most of all, some can change dramatically throughout the series…they get mature, they change their attitudes, they fall in love, they get married, they respond to changes, they get stronger, they become weaker, and even popular characters actually DIE and DON’T COME BACK (except for dreammatches).

Rather than going into that right now, I’d like to try to rank the character’s storyline power. Since for some reason, some people want to know why some characters beat certain characters in the plot.

Orochi Saga characters:

Kyo (before 96’): S-
Kyo (96 & 97): S+
Kyo (99’ on): S

Benimaru (before 99): A
Benimaru (99’ on): A+

Daimon: A-

Chizuru: A-

Shingo (before 2003): D
Shingo (after 2003): C-

Saisyu: A+

Iori: S-
Orochi Iori: S+
Iori (after XI): ???

Mature: B+
Vice: B+

Yashiro: B+
Orochi Yashiro: S

Shermie: B-
Orochi Shermie: A

Chris: C-
Orochi Chris: A-
Vessel of Orochi: Immeasurable

–Kyo in the early saga was definitely not quite as strong. After he got beaten down by Goenitz before 96’, he actually trained for the first time in his life and improved his fighting style by mastering some new moves (Aragami, Dokugami, etc.). After Orochi was defeated, he had no real reason to train anymore so his power kind of slumped a little (as seems evident in how badly Orochi Iori kicked his ass in XI).
–Benimaru got a minor power boost after NESTS mostly because the story writers gave him a ‘push’, seeing as Kyo wouldn’t be available to fight in KOF in 99 or 2000. It’s also explained as after 97’ he vowed to train a little harder in order to match Kyo. He got to lead his own teams for a few tourneys.
–Shingo obviously got a power boost after 2001, due to his training with Saisyu. However, he is still definitely not that strong…sadly, he may already be at his max potential…
–Saisyu might seem a little low, but I can’t justify him being much stronger as he is supposed to be many years past his peak. In his prime, he might have been close to as strong as Kyo (although during his era, he didn’t have the same threats that Kyo has to face…so it’s unlikely he was stronger).
–Iori is supposed to be a step behind Kyo. Orochi Iori is obviously a boost…he fought a fairly even match with Kyo in 97’, beasted Kyo in XI, but then got tossed easily by Ash. So S+ seems about right.
–CYS without their Orochi powers are NOT * that *strong, sorry to disappoint their many fanboys. The only thing regular CYS ever accomplished was handing Heavy D, Lucky, and Brian their own asses…which is something ANYBODY in KOF should be able to do.
Their lives were fairly ordinary before KOF 97’–their awakened Orochi powers are supposed to be a MASSIVE boost.

Fatal Fury/Garou:

Terry: S-
[FF/RealBout Terry: S]
[Garou Terry: A+]

Andy: B+
Joe: B
Tizoc: B
Duck: C+

Geese: S
Krauser: S

Yamazaki: A- (A when enraged/Orochi)
Billy: B+
Gato: B+

Mary: B-
Jenet: B-
Raiden: B

–Sadly, Terry is somewhat nerfed in KOF in order not to steal the glory of the precious Japanese girly boys that the East Asians love so dearly. The classic SNK storyline is now separate from the KOF storyline, but I ranked FF Terry and Garou Terry just as comparison
–Some people may argue that Andy deserves to be a little higher. I argue that Andy has always intentionally been deep under Terry’s shadow and never did SHIT in Fatal Fury and has done even less in KOF.
–Krauser may be a little better than Geese, but I think they’re close enough. Geese has a minor inferiority complex towards Krauser, but that only stems from the past. In the FF timeline, Krauser and Geese are cleanly beaten by Terry but in KOF 96 they never lost to anyone. Therefore, I think it’s accurate to say that they stay the same between FF and KOF.

Art of Fighting:

Ryo: A+
[Future Mr. Karate: S]

Takuma: A
[Max power as Mr. Karate: SS]

Robert: A-

Eiji: B+

Mr. Big: A-

–In the classic FF/AOF timeline, Terry and Ryo never met–Ryo is also much older so there’s no way to make a fair comparison between the two. In the KOF timeline, I believe that Ryo is meant to be a notch below Terry. In the classic timeline, Ryo as Mr. Karate is probably better than Garou Terry.
–Ryo is close to his prime while Takuma is past his. Overall, Takuma at his maximum potential is still one of the very strongest there is (as seen in KOF 2000), although he can’t exert that much energy over a long period of time.
–Robert has always been a step below Ryo…but unlike Andy, at least he’s actually done a FEW things. Like Ken compared to Ryu, Robert has too many responsibilities to devote himself to training full-time like Ryo does. So at least their difference in strength is due to Robert’s schedule…unlike Andy where he trains like 10x harder than Terry and STILL lags far behind him. Yeah, Andy sucks the big one all right.
–Mr. Big, while a boss, had never been implied to be as strong as Ryo nor Takuma (which is why he needed Yuri as a hostage in AOF).


Kim: A-

Chang: C
Choi: C-

Jhun: A-

May Lee: C+

–Kim has always been portrayed as a serious fighter who keeps up his training consistently. Though he’s never been on the same level as the main characters, he can beat Chang & Choi together any day of the week and he’s been a leader for several years so that’s at least better than B-rank.
–Jhun is supposed to be Kim’s equal, or at least just a smidge beneath him. Not much to go on, since Jhun never really did anything, but he has to be at least better than Lin in order to get his team in KOF 2002UM named after him.
–May Lee is supposed to have the most potential out of Kim’s many students. Chang and Choi kinda recognize her as being better, plus she’s the leader of the Girls team in KOF 2002 so her being a tiny bit better than Xiangfei puts her about this level.


King: B+
Mai: B
Yuri: C+

Kasumi: C+
Xiangfei: C
Hinako: C-

Malin: B-

–King has always been the leader of the Women’s team when she’s been on it (except for when Chizuru was on it), so she’s without a doubt the strongest. Plus, she’s actually fought in the men’s ranks in the Muay Thai circuit and fought Robert to a draw in a duel before KOF 2000.

Ikari Warriors:

Heidern: A+

Ralf: A
Clark: A-

Leona: A-
Orochi Leona: S

–Heidern is a tough one to gauge. He’s probably not at the same S-level as the main characters, but he’s undoubtedly the strongest of the Ikari warriors plus he has always been the leader of the Masters Team.
–Ralf and Clark nearly died stopping Orochi Leona in 2003 while she was barely fazed. I think S-Rank is a good fit.

Psycho Soldiers

Athena: A-

Kensou (before 99): B-
Kensou (99-2000): C
Kensou (2001-XI): B
Kensou (after XI): B+
Kensou (Dragon Spirit): ???

Chin: D+

Bao (before 2001): C+
Bao (max potential): SS(???)
Bao (after 2001): C-

Momoko: Get the fuck outta here

USA Sports
Heavy D!: D+ (or D!)
Lucky: D
Brian: D-

NESTS–Cyberpunk/Cowboy Bebop ripoffs

K’: S
Maxima: A+
Whip: B
Lin: B+

Seth: B+
Vanessa: B
Ramon: B-

Kula: A+
Kula (Max potential): S+ or maybe even SS

Foxy: A-
Angel: B

Nameless: S-
Kusanagi: A

Ash and his merry band of homosexuals

Ash (before 2003): S+
Ash (after 2003): SS
Ash (after XI): ???

Duo Lon: A
Shen: A
Oswald: ???

Elizabreasts: A+

Adelheid: S-
Shion: S+

I didn’t do the final bosses because since they are always defeated (as is necessary for the plots), there is no real point in ranking them.
Also, I won’t do the MI or EX-exclusive characters because fuck 'em.


Blame it Superboy-prime it was all Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, then he threw the first punch (retcon punch) when manipulaed by Alexander Luthor and things happen, Ryo and Terry now have the same age, then the dream macthes, to Kyo changing outfits

thank god Infinite Crisis is over and the entire GL corps took down a depowered Superboy-prime

seriously we do know that some plot elements carry over, Geese was still beaten by Terry etc. I’m just curious as to how these took place in the KOF universe in contrast to their FF counterparts (although i would choose to believe that every FF story before real bout took place in both universes since it does not contradict anything)

But i’m curious in the FF world Terry and Geese are the franchise main/character bosses, with the introductoty of KOF it became Kyo and Rugal, so does the KOF chars exist in the FF universe as well.

PS: Superboy-primes retcon punch completely invalidates K-Lantis’ KOF story Faqs some years back


THIS IS WHAT I HATE ABOUT KOF, they replaced an Icon like Terry for some hotheaded uncoordinated “Schoolboy” that appeals only to their cultural demographics, true that Terry’s fashion sense with the red cap and all are too 80’s but 80’s is still more "GLOBALLY’ identifiable than a snotty teenager with that 90’s trendy undercut wearing a schoolboy outfit aided by a fancy plot device

this is why Ryu vs Terry was a better counterpart in the SvC/CvS dream matches espcially when Geese/SF2 Bison is the villains representation.

But Geese still manipulated Krauser in 96, regardless I’ve always maintained that Krauser was always potentially MORE POWERFUL than Geese (while Geese in only vastly MORE POPULAR) the scrolls don’t mean sh*t since it’s only metaphorical in explanation and he still died in real bout anyway. in the KOF-verse, I kind of maintain that FF1 and 2 still happened so still in that chronology Krauser is greater than Geese as much as SF2 Bison is above SF1 Sagat, though Sagat was retconned to be as strong as SF2 Bison but still below SFA Bison, Akuma, Gill and Seth. Geese in the KOF-verse (With no mention of the scrolls whatsoever) is at least Tied to Krauser, while both are below Normal Rugal whom is below Omega Rugal, whom is below Goenitz, whom is below Orochi.

I think they’re just about Equal, in the same League as SF3 Ryu IMO.


Yeah KOF really lacks female bosses, and for the record I count Maki and Chizuru as mid-bosses…


LOL…you just made my day at work. I just need a beer and keep reading that until I get off.


In KOF 94 I always assumed Terry and Ryo were the main boys due to to them being the tutorial people and could be selected straight away on player 1 or 2

Then Kyo robbed the FF and AOF of it


There’s Buriki One too. :slight_smile:


Yeah, in Maximum Impact (even though it’s not part of the main KOF universe), Wild Wolf Garou Terry and the next Mr. Karate are sort of depicted as equal rivals. Both seem as if the years of battle have hardened them into legendary fighters…as if experience has made them stronger.

Just like Ryu.


Not just Ryu but SF3 Ryu…

SF2 Ryu though is in the same tier as Normal Terry which is above normal Ryo


I guess the game’s roster is going to get crazy with the next game. We have character resurrections and such… I expect a huge change for the roster, probably less classic characters but some weird resurrections (I could totally see New Faces and American Sports teams getting a comeback), resurrection of some guys like Jeff Bogard, Krizalid, Rugal.

As well as some returning Ash saga characters. More modern stuff, you know, because next to the new characters, classic guys like Chang, Choi, Andy, looked rather stale; I could totally see more Garou characters joining, including Hokutomaru replacing Andy, the return of B. Jenet and such.