KOF Tourney Date

Alright, some people have informed me that the later date of the 26th for the tourney isnt that great… so… Im gonna poll for which day works best for everyone participating.
Please post a response too, cause I dont want anyone rigging the damn votes, eh? heh

As far as its going, it doesnt seem like theres much of a majority hwo really even cares… someone has a bad time making it earlier than the 23rd… unless the polls change quickly, and people freaking respond, the tourney will still be on the 26th…

Any date is fine because I’m free on all those dates…so far unless the schedule disrupts it.

Do it a multi day event.

multi day events suck
I dont think theres enough to warrant a change of days, especially so late… heres hoping the few that wanted to switch it can make it…

22nd is best for me. If it’s bad for others, well, there can always be a 2nd tournament later if the first one is a success.

26 is best cause well but 22 or 23 is fine but no for 24 sry but that night im out

26th sounds good… for now at least ^^|

yeah, theres no switch, 26th is final…

This thread may be old, but where are all you whipper snappers at!!! Maybe i should organize one and put some porn up for the prize. I kid you not, I know where to get everything. In fact, there are these huuuuuuuuge free sites i can give as a prize…anyone interested? KOF for porn???

There already is a big KoF2k2 tourney organized by JJ Team Evolution. It has already begun, but is temporarily delayed. Results are here for now: http://www.geocities.com/joefubu/TeamEvolution.html

And no, this isn’t like that silly tournament HellSap setup last time…

Edit: Porn is overrated.