Kof/TVC stick


Okay so I’ve seen this stick around and just relized that the two sticks are the same. I know there is probably another thread about this KOF stick but i didn’t see but Im just curious, has anyone tried this thing out yet to see if it sux worst than poison on hugo or is it a pretty good stick?






zomg network, are you Filipino too O_O


They’re bad enough to get networkingyuppy to swear in the native tongue I see.


Basura is originally a spanish word but worked it’s way into the filipino language.


Just like all other spanish words ._.


Hey, im from Spain and i dont think so lol


I’m chinese, Jap, and Viet. I thought that Basura meant garbage in spanish.


Yep, basura means garbage and trash


Oh. I never knew that the word was a swear word in Filipino.


Means trash in Flip as well.


Thats cool to know, ive never thought that Spanish words share meaning with Filipino

edit: Good offtopic by the way :wgrin:


I didn’t know that either. Didn’t mean to offend.
Back on Topic.
The Exar sticks are crap because there’s a high tendency to hit those start and select buttons while playing.
Although, it wouldn’t be a bad idea modding it and replacing the art on the front panel.


Hey, no ofense at all man :tup:

You are right, seems that start and select buttons are too damn close to the action buttons, and Ls & Rs too…but i like the stick general shape, curves are sexy


Isn’t this just Hori’s current stick (FS3, EX2, and the Wii one) parts in a new case?

If that’s the case, it’s passable. Or garbage.

If not, I am a jerk and am wrong.


Unless I’m mistaken, Exar is a totally different company from Hori.


D’oh, my bad - I thought Hori was making these sticks. All I saw in the previous posts in this thread were “basura” and “Filipino”… lulz.

I am now a jerk.


Yeah I would probably be hitting the start and select button all the time lol. there is also the joytron stick lol. Someone recommended me to buy this and I was like um… no… 50 bucks for a stick is good but i don’t trust it.


That KOF Joytron stick is the same thing as the Mayflash stick, which I wouldn’t recommend as a stand-alone stick because the buttons are crap and the stick is very loose, but it is great as a cheap stick that’s very easy to mod compared to the Hori FS3/EX2.