KOF wing thread



Or a better link: http://www.andkon.com/arcade/adventureaction/kingoffighterswing/

i am not associated with the creators of this game

This game is awesome though, and i have sort of come up with a tier list

GOD: Orochi

Top: K’ (easy and good combos), Ryu

High Mid: Iori

Mid: Moriya, Kyo

Bottem: Kula

Keep in mind that there are 2 versions of the majority of charectars so i will need some help with this :tup:

ITs a great game!


that was…interesting, I guess. I honestly don’t get how anyone is able to play fighters on the keyboard, it boggles the mind.

also, infinite dashing ft(w)?


training mode with limited meter=fail




Man, I was sick and tired of those KOFs with their 20+ casts. This makes picking a team so much easier.:pray:


Pppff. It’s Tranning mode… :looney: