KOF World


So apparantly it’s KOFXII for the PC, with added online mmo like features, free to play and targeted at the asian market. (Not to be confused by the 3rd person online brawler KOFOnline which is being developed by a different company)
Sounds interesting I guess…


Wow this is real too according to google news search. Asia only though?


That article says it’s KOFXII online, but it’s not. It’s a completely different game with 3d graphics and looks stupid as hell.


there’s a thread on this in the FG discussion forum



Doesnt seem like KOFXII one bit.


Well if you read, the two companys developing each game is different, as are the names. The one linked in the original post is called KOF World and will be developed by Shanda Games, the other is KOF Online and is being developed by Dragonfly.

I think the two are different, but then again they could be one and the same, oh well :frowning:


I forgot. Both threads about this around here were buried into the abyss and it’s not KOF XII at all. You literally must have not ever laid eyes on XII to say something like that.


Look, I know what KOFXII is, I own a copy of it :slight_smile:

I’m just going by this press release is all, I’m well aware of the other game “KOF Online”.

Oh well, we’ll see what it is when we see it, it’ll come out eventually.


Funk1 is right. Look at this from the press release:


It’s dated from yesterday, so that KoF Online video was posted before they even announced whatever this game will be. Also it DOES say that it’s being taken from KoF XII.


Meh, I’ll have to wait to see if this is KOF Online or this KOF World is something else entirely


I don’t know… what are the odds that SNK are making two different kof rpgs.