KOF XI Art and Pics

From neo-geo.com:



If you havent seen the two (stealth style) videos from the loke from weeks back, you can get them through fileplanet here:


Wont bother compiling info or anything. Have fun searching around.

the new characters look pretty sick

damn, oswald looks pimp.

oswald looks tight.

those links seem to be dead now but heres another link



looks really good Elizabeth is the new vice she looks hot.
Ive been getting back into 03 i dunno why it gets so much hate i luv how it plays the game is tight.
Hopefully xi can take those ideas further.

Elizabeth is looking good. Ozwald looks…lame.

He was voted favorite character in the game in both lokes, actually.

Oswald reminds me of Olaf from Power Instinct Matrimelee. And even though they play differently, I’m hoping Olaf’s pimpness rubs off on Oswald.

Well I read that his moves where very cool looking so it’s understandable.

I’m gonna jump on the “Oswald Looks Pimp” bandwagon.

Oswald looks pimp. Good stuff, cant wait to play this.

+1 to Oswald Looks Pimp.

Black Jenet is the last person I would have foreseen to be in a King of Fighters game.

Some surprises certainly are pleasant.

This game looks like the fucking truth.

Oswald does look like a pimp, any news on what he plays like? Is he wearing gloves?

Dude looks like he owns a porn production company.

It’s “Bonne” actually.

Think “Evil Gambit”. He uses cards to slash people around.

Mad cool points to SNK for putting B. Jenet in this. :tup:

Is it me…or does the graphics look revamped on those small pics? Are they still using the Atomiswave for this?

And from the looks of it, Falcoon isn’t the official illustrator anymore?

Oswald looks pimp! :smiley:

The artwork is fantastic…can’t wait to see more.

[edit] Bonne Jenet looks best in black - and K`s face in his main artwork looks different.