KOF XI: Console-exclusive characters in tournies...yay or nay?

Shion and Magaki I know are definite bans…but what about the console exclusive characters (not mid-bosses)?

No Kyo. And I think Geese is a buncha b/s. Sc counters is just wrong!!! Tung, Big, Mai, Robert, Hotaru all seem ok. However I’m a arcade player not arranged mode

I chose the last option…

I agree with ArcadeFire on this one. Besides, I don’t want to waste my time learning characters that I can’t even use outside of my own home. It just doesn’t make any sense.

very true. Only PS2 char. that I like to really use is Mai, and sometimes tung but not much. Shion & Magaki bore the shit outta me anyway. So no big loss there lol

Just for fuck of things…I found this on orochinagi.com and thought I’d stick it here.

co-sign on that

no matter how good ex kyo is, he still dont got shit on gato.

and i vote no to console characters in tourneys just because the standard should be based in the arcade.

besides snk didnt do too good of a job on the console characters.

ex-kyo is overpowered, majority of the dreamcancels does less damage than the LDM itself, hotaru only has one super, wheres everyone else has at least 2, and geese sc/dc into his LDM does wayy too much.

in hopes that a tourney standard could be set and the “other games” section is not really looked in to that much I am moving it to FGD as per creator request

Unless a popular/great capcom player/s ( j.wong, ricky ortiz, combofiend, etc. ) decides to give KOF XI a chance, and play seriously … I dont think there will ever be a respectable scene for this game. People play what the majority plays, and where most popular players are.

At EVO 2004/2005, the KOF/SNK tourneys we held, didnt have the outcome we expected. It was always the same : Us ( 5-7 guys ), random SoCal players that like the game, but arent that competitive ( 4-5 guys ), experienced japanese players whose main games are GG, CVS2 ( 1-2 guys … Im mostly talking about RF ). I remember we have 20+ people at SVC on EVO 2004, but that was the max.
What Im trying to say is that, if this is EVO, we would be expecting to play people from other states … but I guess they dont exist, or they dont have a scene in their states that would make them in being competitive.

MAYBE JUST MAYBE, with XI, with its new graphics, new KOF gameplay, and it being released on another console ( atomiswave/ps2 ) besides the former NeoGeo system, will attract new interested players.

I made a post in the SoCal thread trying to find new fresh players for this game, but I guess even here where its supposed to be the Cream of the Crop for KOF, no new blood will emerge. Only one was interested, and another one just dont care on serious XI gameplay.


Man I hear yah seriously…but that dont stop me from being a super-hardcore SNKP player.

This might be the answer for this thread.


**now i just got this game but the mid bosses seem overpowered to me why would they be allowed and ex kyo not?

ABASI!** :confused:

How are the mid-bosses overpowerd? All of them are C tier! EX Kyo still has all his crazy chains combos and juggels from NGBC and he’s an NGBC character…

Thanks Bacardi. :tup:

The mid-bosses, when playable, do much less damage. Like NGBC…I think Playmore actually intended to make the non-final boss characters actually balanced enough to be played in tournies.

They all aren’t completely unreasonable.

Adel for example, has great power and speed but takes more damage than anyone in the game.
Same for Jyazu.
Hayate has great keepaway but gets killed up close.
Gai has great stamina and tricky moves but he’s like Angel…not at all like a tradition 2-D fighting game character and is incredibly difficult to use.
Silber is hella strong and has great stamina but is very slow.

I am one of the few that say the NGBC characters should be allowed (of course banning the bosses and EX kyo/Geese are a given). I could understand if they break the game but they don’t. Also it could allow for some very interesting match ups and make for a very fun tourney.

I know there is the old “arcade is the standard” thing but let’s face facts here. Arcades are almost dead (except in japan) and every player here practices on the console ports anyways. So why not. If it is a bull shit character (Geese, EX Kyo, Shion, Magaki) ban them if not (Mai, Hotaru, Tung, Robert) let them in. it’s not like a good player wouldn’t be able to over come them anyway.

I’m gonna take the safe route and say no PS2 characters. People are too divided over which of them are fair and which are not. Some people say everyone is fine in Arcade while EX Kyo is banned in Arrange, some people think he should be banned either way, some people are saying leader Geese should be banned (don’t follow that one). It gets too complicated and you end up with no one agreeing. Best to just stick with Arcade as the standard, especially for the tournament being held at Evo seeing as the Japanese players who will be there only play on Arcade.

This guy has a point. Japanese players attending evo, play on the arcades ( thats 100% sure ), while also they may play too arrange mode on the ps2 with all the extra characters as well ( not 100% sure ). Its not sure who will enter the XI unofficial tourney at EVO, but sticking to the arcade version, and its characters, will not generate complains of any kind.
Or, we can ask each of the participants what would they prefer … arcade ? arrange ? ps2 characters allowed ? … and see what feedback we can get. I guess that if all the participants dont care if the extra characters are allowed or not, and if a considerable portion of them plays with those characters, they shouldnt be banned.

I dont play with any subbosses as of now, I just stick to the regular roster … I would like the tourney to be like this … but thats just my opinion.

I love how people are anti Mid-Bosses for no reason. They aren’t even that great to begin with.

scrub :rofl: