KoF XI in BC

Hi to all,

just to let everyone know there’s a KoF XI at Metrotown mall at the arcade near T.G.I. Friday as well as a NGBC.

I dont think so. but then again, I wouldnt know. the people who go to SRK in BC dont really play KOF… all i know is that in Johnny Zee’s there is KOF 2001, and it has tons of competition for it.

Haha, people play KOF 2001 competitvely? Damn…those matches must be really ugly. :rofl:

well, both game sare accessible to me somewhat…makes a roadtrip worth it!

I mean KOF 2002.

Fuck, i dont know the names of these stupid yearly named games by heart hahaha. There’s too many of them.
JZee’s has 2002, not 2001, and yeah, they’re REALLY competitive… Almost ALWAYS a person playing on the weekends.

he’s talking about circuit circus you idiots

hahaha what pissed me off was that james guy who said KOF takes the most skill to play

still though, if they improved the graphics and fucking got the hit boxes to work properly, i’d pick up that game, hahaha might as well, not like anyone plays marvel anymore

cool you guy pleying fof VI we have some player in

I Like Kof Competicion

:karate: :karate: :karate: :clap: :tup: SOME PLAYER IN TX IF YOU GUY KNOW ANY FOF WEB JUST LET ME KNOW

I believe CHQ now has KOF XI.

No comp for it tho… or atleast, I dont see many people there playing it.

I’m gonna drive thru canada on my my back to alaska. Would it be easier to find directions on mapquest or just post? I’m heading that way in mid-april from FL.

Yeah, I remember seeing them on Sunday. Those guys are really into that game. They were getting heated up.

So we have KOF XI in Canada now. Nice!