KOF XI in Texas

Well me , Lost Thought, K -EX, and Andy Kof all went to Austin to Play Kof man this Kof rocks!!! my team is Elizabeth, Ash, Shen peace and let see when the people of Texas get together and play so post what you think:wonder:

Most unfortunately are gonna wait till it hits console…My 2k2 Goddess Kula is gonan rape ALL…hehehe…shes given the beefing she deserves…

And Kyo finally beefed up to deal with Iori…with his 96 moves AND A FIREBALL…makes Kusanagi worthless doesnt it?

And wow…thats like 1-2 KOFs now where Iori ISNT TOP TIER??


Really that suck why don’t you head down to Austin and we can play sometime:wgrin: God don’t mention Kula Lol she is god yeah well not too much people played her but damn those vids are like:looney: Kyo is very good you can play the range game or go on the offensive with him especial since you cancel after his df k and his crossup is alot more easier very good overall this year. And as far as Iori goes he not too good his Crossover is Slow like hell the only thing that makes him a thread still his grab or his maiden masher to dream cancel LDm but he was tone down and also his Qc f Qcf c is a very good antiair but he not good this year you still uses him but not the same see you later man.

Yeah the dfkick with Kyo is straight from NeoWave. Sounds like fun indeed man, do you ever head up to Dallas at all???

If so man you can come crash at my place and we can play some SNk games…(I got a shitload of them)

Yeah I’d love to come up to Austin anyways…it’d be great!!

We should definetly meet man I want some comp and to have fun we might even go this weekend to austin man if u want to meet up with us just tell us if your gonna head down there and we’ll arrange something things to be done.

But yeah freakin KOFXI freakin owns dude so if u do go were gonna have alot of fun hehe…

which arcade has it

Einstein’s on the drag.

Hell yeah crash at your house as long as we have some food some Snk games iam fine. But see if you can come down to Austin so we can have ourselves some round and we will see when we can head up to dallas good day man :smiley:

All right…I will check my schedule to see when I can head on up to Austin…

Hey Darkgeese you got aim or Msn so we can chat because for sure we going to head up to Austin this week.