KoF XI & NGBC hit Europe!


All I can say is HECK YEAH!

Europeans are gonna get 'em before us. No way U.S must hates SNK

Where’s SSTenka? I’d consider importing it again just to have an english language option.


Scea is composed of idiots and graphics whores who think 3d is “uber-733t” and “kewl”.

exactly. SCEA are nazis

Nelson - Ha HA

I’ll be picking these suckers up.

SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters very good news indeed… for me.

good news about card fighters, any dates at all?

At last… great justice… some 2d fighting to look forward to in this wasteland of non 2d existence:karate:

Pfft PAL format…:lol: back at ya!

Fantastic news.
Can’t wait to find out the release dates though.

And still no U.S. release date. What in the fukin hell.

and what systems will they be released on???

They get both, Xbox & Playstation 2 here.
And we don’t get them in double sets either, they usually get single releases.
Exception being the first release which was KOF2000/2001. The rest of the titles have all been seperate.

ARGH! I already ordered my copy of KoF XI from Liksang. Still good to see this happening.

There gonna have 60hz options, so no biggie.

Amazing how SNK decide to release all there games in Europe and Capcom dont release a PAL Ps2 port of 3rd Strike ?.:rolleyes:

O Rly…

Tag Bitch, your It :lol:

this has been a non-issue for like the past 5 years and for the majority of games several mroe years before that

They will probably be released late next year.

Preach. That both saddens and sickens me. Good on Ignition though- I’ll be gettin KOFXI whenever that rolls round.

I would expect them until next year LOL