KoF XI prem av request

As you see my av is old as shit…I need a new one badly…I really don’t care about what’s going on in it, i just want some with KoF XI characters in it. The characters I want are Eiji, Oswald, Gai, and Duck. It’s doesn’t have to be all, hell it can be one, just hook me up for the love of god.


I’ll give it a try, expect it way later today.


i await your try…i’m so tired of my av

Lol. you’re still wearing that?


PimpC Your current av rocks to tha max! One of the coolest ever on SRK. Keep it on! :looney:

Christmas is over man. Let the av rest a while.


yea man…it’s just been a little long…i might rock it again in a few months…for just dec…but for now it needs a rest…and if anyone else wants to try also, I’m fine with that, i will rock multiple avs for a few months…

lol. I have christmas every fukkin’ day! Don’t mess with my bubble or else… BEEF!

Will someone make this guy an avatar already?


Hey I’m working on it.

Just looking for those win portraits someone linked a while ago.



How’s this ;O?

my good sir, I am pleased…damn it’s been a while since I had a new av.

Good shit Chibi.