KOF XI-Ps2 Arrange Mode thread-Tiers, differences, discussion

All right…if Alpha Anthology and Master Akuma can do it why can’t we???

Post up all XI Arranged mode stuff here…

I will fill in stuff from the XI official thread so we can keep things going etc.


Changes for some middle-low tier characters:

Griffon’s s.A has been slowed down to mediocreness while his c.A is now Hugo speed, at least 3/4x faster than before. I’m seeing c.A (or 2), hcb+A being a major part of his game now. No other specials will combo of the c.A though.

Kensou can (obviously) no longer f+B in his juggles. A fireball is a lot faster now and that is going to hurt him. (air) qcb+P, c.Ax2 isn’t as friendly anymore, one c.A is easy enough.

Hayate’s c.A looks a bit slower. No big loss.
His jumping has been totally overhauled. He jumps lower, has worse acceleration getting off the ground and doesn’t float as long. These are all good things, being able to do d+A a lot closer to the ground is great. Will allow for AGGRESSIVE air boomerangs as well.
You can now d+P during backhop. Along with the better hop d+P’s (A in particular) this give him a whole new avenue. No huge damage, but wakeup overheads at last.
c.D -> LDM no longer works (even when used as a juggle filler and not as a trip->catch.) Anything into c.D no longer chains. Normals are all the same speed, hit stun is just a lot less on normals (c.B, s.D looks character specific as well now. Stick to c.B, s.C)
Low LDM is now a juggle starter!!! Into knee/boomerang or even into high LDM. And yes you can waste 5 levels and both stocks in one combo (spaced just a bit away from the wall.)
His walk speed seems ever so slightly faster as well. He also suffer from the same lower hitstun on jump-in attacks as everyone. Crossup air qcb+k remains untouched and still allows lights or close s.C to combo after"

"Arrange Mode Makes KOFXI into KOF2002

The new KOFXI “feel” is why I started to play this at all. Arrange mode makes it feel like my controls are dipped in shit.

Although, I can understand why “true” SNK’ers like arrange, so whatever.

It’s not like a real tournament is going to be held for this game in the US (unless the next texas showdown still gives it support- albeit, it will be on arcade), so play whatever your crowd thinks is more fun"

"Arrange Mode is for people who HATE the top-tiers of KOFXI or liked KOF98/2003’s combo system.

^ Seriously…

How is it better when you can’t poke as easily/fast as you could before? I seriously don’t understand that, but like I say about I guess people really do hate Gato/Kula/Duck. Or must’ve been owned by them ALOT to make them say that Arrange Mode>Arcade Mode"

Thanks to the members of the XI thread for their information.

what do u mean when u say Arrange mode makes KOF XI into KOF 2002 ?

This is K4 btw … peeps banned me again … dunno why =/

Well this is what the others have said…I will post some more from the official Xi thread…

Damn they banned you again?? WTF man???

Hey man soon I will go up to Cali so you me and Oscar etc can all game…how’sCali treating you now-and-days? Better than Dallas aint it??? :rofl:

So I am sure you can imagine my boredom in Dallas as an SNKer as well…

But yeah I will post it…they say the controls are now stricter as hell… That is what “The Face” (lol) said.

EDIT: Turning it into 2k2 is because from what I understand Kula, Gato, and the other S Class have been toned the fuck down…and the controls are stricter…meaing more balance and anyone can game…and stricter controls…ala 2k2…more balanced and stricter control for what I hear.

That wasn’t one of the smartest things you could have said…

Well but its okay man…no biggie…

Also because they have toned down Kula Gato etc it makes it like 2k2 because as you know in 2k2 the High Tier is like 8-9 people…and though everyone knows about ABC it makes it where the low tiers/mid tiers can compete now.

mmmmh … another spammer … tsk tsk

Btw, I read that in arrange mode you can no longer abuse low shorts ala duck king. I havent played KOF XI at all … but now that its out on ps2 … Im just gonna buy a swap magic and play the import version.

Do u know anything about the quickjump attacks ? … like gatos or anybody in the arcade version … I mean they are pretty abusable and I wanted to know if there has been some changes regarding this.

So the characters are more balanced in arrange mode? It’s the end of the world!!!

so wat are the new tier’s now

Actually some of the Middle/low-tier characters have been nerfed as well.

Personally…I wouldn’t mess with arranged mode. KOFXI is what it is and if you don’t like it you might as well just pop in 2k2/NeoWave. Which are both also really good KOF games. KOFXI is a totally different game and should be treated as such.

My thoughts exactly.

Makes you wonder if this will be a growing trend.

Yeah but the arranged mode gives some other players the option to compete…it would be like if you made Kof XI reload…then this is how it would be…love or hate…

About the abusal of Short Jumps…from what I hear that is confirmed…which totally changes the way the game is played…

Too early to tell about the tiers yet.

EDIT: From Cygnus’s post in the main thread-"Okay after spending all weekend playing with the locals in both arcade and arrange mode, I have come to a conclusion.

Everyone on either side is fucking overreacting to the max. It’s not that fucking different. It doesn’t CHANGE THE ENGINE TO 2002. Whoever said that originally is a fucking retard. Short hops are the same. Yes you can’t do an early jump B and combo into a fierce WELL BOOHOO YOU CANT DO THAT IN ANY OTHER GAME ANYWAY. It’s not a big deal or suprising that they changed it.

Kula can still do early jump C into stand C pretty fucking easily. So some of the links are gone…every character has other B&Bs they can use!

The LDM resets that combo are gone…that’s fine, another thing I would expect to be gone. You know, you can still AA with Oswald’s LDM, just don’t do the jab first lol. In fact, it’s better because his LDM comes out faster than his jab. Kula can still do her MAX icespike super off her B&B, which is plenty of damage for the meters it uses, instead of being 2 supers and no utility meters to reset into LDM.

Anyway, we will be playing arrange mode here for the sole change of rolling being worse because we all think rolls are gay. But of course no one will care because we’re scrubs and don’t play KOF just like 99% of the fighting game players in the US.

Have fun with arcade mode or arrange mode or whatever you like"

Too much speculation on our part guys??

I’m still lol-ing at that post. “Rolls are gay” LMAO go back to playing KOF94 with the sidesteps and crap jesus…

Anyways more nerfings:

Silber has lost damage all around, most notably on normal stomp. Some characters should be able to live through 2 double stomps now. He is one of the few who appears not to have lessened hit stun on his normals.
Jyazu’s chains have been utterly destroyed. A, B, C is only JUST linkable, best off with the standard c.B, c.A into ender :frowning:
Gai’s s.B pressure is still there but you have a bunch more frames to get out between the kicks

Wow way to go and mess up a characters ENTIRE combo game(Jazu) and he was a LOW-TIER character not high-tier like some of you “Scrub” Mode people saying fixes broken stuff.


ALL of fucking Jyazu’s chains still work, and they are still easy, they just require a little tighter timing. HE CAN’T EVEN DO cr.B, cr.A IN ARCADE OR ARRANGE YOU FUCKING MORON. Yes I know you copy pasted from Orochinagi, where every change or supposed change is a hyperbole, but don’t just post stuff like it’s the truth without testing it.

I can’t even see the difference on Gai’s standing B, so I didn’t list the change at GC. If it’s changed, it’s miniscule.

And yeah we don’t like rolls so sue us. Marvel doesn’t have rolls or sidesteps and it does just fine!

I’m beginning to think all your brains are “utterly destroyed”.

(btw this post was mainly directed at ArcadeFire)

is not like someone is holding a gun to your heads and is forcing you to ONLY play arrange mode people :sweat: :annoy: :arazz:

OMG! You found out my secret! Now what will I do!? I knew I should’ve stuck that in quotes…anyways

Somebody’s gotta show that Arrange Mode doesn’t just downgrade the S-A Class characters. If it did just that than it would be just fine. You Pro-AM people are giving nothing to back up why you think it’s better or the same. You’re just repating the same thing over and over. NGBC characters can spam pokes like in Arcade Mode.

Marvel did have rolls(Tech-Falls I think) but they’re pretty useless

EDIT: Since when was orochinagi.com frowned upon?

I didn’t point out that you copy/pasted from ON to make it seem like a bad thing, I pointed it out because I wasn’t blaming you directly for posting misinformation, I was just saying it sucks because THEY posted misinformation, and then you posted it here, then people see it everywhere and take it as fact.

It’s not your fault, after all, usually this type of shit doesn’t happen, at least not on this scale. Why would people lie or greatly exaggerate the truth? I was posting info from ON as well, and now it’s going to be a huge pain in the ass; I have to test everything because I can’t trust the people that post info at ON.

Personally, from my own experience (ie not influenced by the extreme polarizing opinions on the internets), for the most part I think they changed all the right things. Yes, some people can’t figure out why so-and-so non-top tier character got something downgraded. That’s why they aren’t game designers, they can’t know the reasoning behind specific changes. Sometimes a developer changes something because they simply don’t want it to exist, it wasn’t in their original plan or it didn’t work out the way they wanted. It’s not as simple as “oh my this character wasn’t top tier and they had something taken away I DONT UNDERSTAND!”.

Chances are people have not explored the game enough to find the improvements, after all they would be harder to find, wouldn’t they? We can test the stuff we know because we know it, but the new stuff that might exist we can’t test because we don’t know what it is, so we have to experiment. Do you think anyone would have known that Duck’s Break Spiral had it’s range increased x2 if the promo video didn’t exist?

About rolls, I’m talking about A+B rolls, you know, rolls. Not tech rolls. And tech rolls are far from useless in Marvel.

About ON, I dunno, I haven’t read it in the past, but it seemed like a cool place since it’s full of players that actually post strats. Since KOFXI coming out I’ve of course been reading there more, and I’ve gotten a bad first impression over all this arrange mode stuff. A lot of the info is greatly exaggerated, speculation that got blown out of porportion, or just plain wrong.

People don’t talk about strategy on Orochinagi, last time I checked. Kind of bleh.

So,i’m importing this soon.will Arrange be a part of competitve play?or what is the verdict on this?