KOF XII already lost to a 10-year old game


KOF XII is a brand new HD game that plays and feels exceptional in the arcade or through local play… but it just lost to the 10-year old Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Based on the numbers online I can already tell a number of people (including myself) have moved over to play MvsC2 online and left KOF XII to its slow death. I would rather play KOF XII but since SNK doesn’t seem to care that no one is playing (see latest update on Ignition website… Ignition seems worried but when they brought the issue to SNK, SNK told people to “check their NAT settings” rofl!!) I have given up on it. Without a doubt SNK is not taking this problem seriously and they likely deserve whatever bankruptcy they get from this flop. Such a damn shame when the arcade game itself is sooo solid.


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So its not true? Is KOFxii brilliantly executed for the console? Look at the difference between quality control of capcom and snk… its sad. If it was a shit game who cares but KOFXii is grand at its core… its just such a waste because they didn’t want to put the money/time into it.
If you don’t agree that’s cool man but I find that surprising. If you have anything worthwhile on the topic keep posting… otherwise keep your important comments for another section.


and a new thread was neccasarry for this known info because?


Oh make no mistake this was definitely just a complaint thread. Just wanted to hear other opinions and/or any new news on the topic. Last I heard they were just talking about NAT code… any new news? Any true response by SNK?


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