KOF XII arcade machine locations

Not a lot of people have been reporting KOF XII machine locations, I think it would be great to spread the word and list locations of KOF cabinet’s and their corresponding arcade’s. I’d like to use this thread so people can get an idea of competitive pockets throughout the world.

Any and all help would be very much obliged.

Arcade UFO ? Austin, Texas ? www.arcadeufo.com
Arcade Infinity ? Rowland Heights, CA ? 1380 S. Fullerton Rd. ? www.arcadeinfinity.blogspot.com or http://www.youtube.com/arcadeinfinity
Tilt Arcade ? Portland, Oregon (No longer has cabinet Note: Bummer!)
Chinatown Fair Video Arcade ? New York, NY ? 8 Mott Street (between Chatham Sq & Mosco St)
Gameworks ? Seattle, WA
Gameworks ? Schaumburg, IL
Planet Zero Anime Center ? Houston, TX ? 2202 Cherrytree Ridge Ln
Reynald’s house ? Southern California
University Pinball Arcade ? Philedelphia, PA

CHQ Arcade ? Burnaby, BC
E Spot Billiards & Arcade ? Richmond, BC
The Cove ? Saskatoon, SK

Diversiones Moy (Centro) ? Guadalajara, Jalisco

Plaza Singapura arcade ? Singapore, Singapore

Casino Leisure Arcade ? London, England

Seven Island Yokohama ? Kanagawa, Japan
HEY arcade ? Akiba, Japan
Club Sega ? Akiba, Japan
Club Sega ? Shinjuku, Japan

Yifan’s Arcade ? Auckland, New Zealand

Timezone ? Sydney, Australia
Timezone ? Brisbane City, Australia

Pretty sure Arcade UFO still has a machine. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been there, though.

Chinatown Fair in NYC has it also

Awesome thanks. I found a few locations after digging around. More to come.

there’s no way Im talking a train aaaaall the way to NYC just to play for an hour or two…

this game better come to consoles July 20th!

I’ve heard some rumours that Saskatchewan’s cove recently got KOFXII, I can’t seem to confirm or deny this yet.

Japan arcades that have KOF XII:

HEY arcade in Akiba
Club Sega in Akiba
Club Sega in Shinjuku
There are more arcades that have XII in Japan, but I don’t know their names.

Tilt in Portland no longer has XII, but Gameworks in Seattle has a cabinet now

Thanks for the info Strike, I’ll post it right away.

Might want to add that Chinatown Fair is located on 8 Mott St. This should be stickied imo.

do any of these arcades have a website?

I think Arcade Infinity has a blog. EDIT: arcadeinfinity.blogspot.com/
They also have a youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/arcadeinfinity
Addy: 1380 S. Fullerton Rd. Rowland Heights, CA 91748

alright cool, thanks :tup:

Houston, Texas Planet Zero has it. Plus they have does sweet viewlix cabs, full hd baby.

:frowning: Going to Dallas on the 14th to visit my aunt so that’s too far of a drive to Austin. Guess I’ll have to stay entertained there with BlazBlue (not like that is a bad thing)

My friend told me gamworks in illinois, (think its in shaumburg) has a kofxii machine, driving out sunday morning to find out.

Hey guys,

I made a few changes to the thread and will try to update all info periodically. I recently came back from a week long vacation in Vancouver, BC. I personally headed down to Burnaby with my wife, to check out the CHQ arcade. It was really great, they all had Viewlix cabs (older sitdown candy cabs, no HD) with a legion of great games. But to my disappointment, nobody was playing KOF XII. Blazblue seemed really popular amongst a few individuals, and they seemed to come regularly(I went a few times), and so was SF4. But KOFXII had no love. Surprisingly they were all still playing 2002, XI, and 98. These older installments brought some modest crowds.

I played for a couple of hours both visits, and was really impressed with this game, and personally don’t understand the reviews it’s getting. The controls were smooth and the gameplay was very entertaining, I didn’t want to leave! But after all my visits nobody played but me and some eight year old. I don’t have KOF XII in arcades where I live so it was a real treat. I can’t wait for console.

This game deserves more attention, I mean I get Blazblue, I played Guilty Gear since it’s first PS release. But I personally feel KOFXII is a better game. What is it like in your areas? Is anyone playing this game?

Yeah went to gameworks in shaumburg today with my 2 friends. Cabs are set up side to side and the control scheme they had was new to me, it was set up like.


which me and my friend were doing awful with but we asked the manager dude if we could change it, he got a tech guy to come over and it is now.


which I think is the right way to play it.

Am I the first one to report a Mexican KOF XII? Or is my city the only one with KOF XII? D:

Diversiones Moy (centro) in Guadalajara, Jalisco

The parenthesis is because those arcades are in every mall in the city (but much, much suckier), so I’m just specifying which one.

Oh, and the layout is

Yeah the cab I played on was set-up like this:


I kept hitting my HP when I started a Crouching LP chain. :lame: I got used to it once I trained my brain to the button patterns.

Note: New updates, let’s keep this thread alive people! :smiley:

Yifan’s in Auckland, New Zealand