KOF XII - Ash Crimson thread


Ash Crimson
Fighting Style : Self-taught (uses special flames)
Birthdate : 14th Feb
Nationality : Unknown (grew up in France)
Blood Group : O+
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 59 kg
Likes : Nails Art
Fav. Food : Sachertorte (a type of sweet food)
Strong Sports : None
Important Things : Nails
Hated Things : Annoying and uninteresting things

Rcompense: close, b or f + A+C

Floreal: b + K

Ventose: b~f + P
Nivose: d~u + K
Genee: qcb + A or B or C or D

Thermidor: (qcfx2 + P)
Pluvoise: (qcfx2 + K)
Sans-Culotte: A, B, C, D


i wonder if Ash still has his Sas Culotte combos from XI.


From what I know he doesn’t. All his Sas Culotte is just an explosion super.


Wow, someone was busy last night. I’m betting those other guys from Tilt are going to be disappointed…


No new DM’s for Ash huh? I guess I’m cool with that… for now


Heh, was never a fan of Sans Cullote though. Didn’t seem practical to me.
What is this qcb special? His command throw?

At least he retains the BnB cr. Bx2, cr. A, Nivose/Pluivose


That’s the O.Shermie fireball kiss he does.


so no more command throw :frowning:


So how good of a setup is Genee? This could lead to some interesting strats with Ash.


^quit reading my mind damnit :slight_smile: lol

but its got to some good use for oki and wake up,right?


I wonder how useful Thermidor is gonna be in this game since he doesnt have his command grab now. No more command grab ----> Thermidor -----> run with the ball to whatever when you get to the corner. lol


i dont you could have done that in the first place cause the ball super seems a lot slower on startup.


how much slower?


Like 3 or 4 seconds of him holding the ball before he throws it, which he can be hit out of at any time and cancel the super out entirely. 3 seconds is a long ass time in a fighting game. It’s better to just use Ash’s meter on hit-confirming low B, low A into flash kick super.


The ball super is really slow. The first couple times I saw it, I didn’t know what would happen if I poked him, so I just blocked it, but then I chanced it and yeah, I’d really recommend going with the flash kick.


did you try it after a CC? maybe its hittable then? if it speeds up that is.


I’ll try this today, but it’s more reasonable to use Sans Culotte or flashkick super in a CC. Also you can juggle with some stuff after/during the ball super. :smiley:

Let’s see if Sans Culotte still has ultimate juggle!


Very strong off certain knockdowns. The strength AND weakness is that it doesn’t go off immediately, which creates interesting mixups but makes it kinda weak for zoning and makes it hard to apply in certain situations (like off a throw, you’ll probably get mashed out of your setup :rofl: )


I was wondering with ash’s ball special would it be viable if you used it when they jump in at you? Would the ball hit them up a few times before he throws it?

If not I will go back to using his kick special.

Also with his QCB A or C if you use the same one twice does it explode?


Ball super doesn’t hit till Ash sends it flying, IIRC.

IIRC you can stack his QCB moves, not a lot of reason to do so though.