KOF XII - Athena Asamiya thread

Athena Asamiya
Fighting Style : Chinese Martial Arts + Psychic powers
Birthdate : 14th March
Nationality : Japan
Blood Group : B+
Height : 163 cm
Weight : 49 kg
Measurements : 83 cm, 57 cm, 82 cm
Likes : Astrology
Fav. Food : Strawberry cakes
Strong Sports : La cross
Important Things : Peter Rabbit teacup set
Disliked Things : Grasshoppers

Psychic Throw: close, b or f + A + C

Phoenix Bomb: f + B
Kuuchuu Phoenix Bomb: f + B in air

Psycho Ball: qcb + P
Psycho Sword: dp + P
Psycho Reflector: hcb + K
Phoenix Arrow: qcb + K in air

Shining Crystal Bit: hcbx2 + P

Thank god she doesn’t have her teleport or command grab. That shit was annoying in the older games. From the looks of this video http://dic.nicovideo.jp/v/sm6785548 it looks like the worst she can do is bait you into attacking, which takes considerable more skill then spamming projectile and teleport + grab.

well her main BnB is dwn.B>dwn.A>Psycho Sword

BTW, Athena’s Psycho Ball Train is a bit :looney:. I’m gonna have a hella time using Clark on her.


Psycho Ball abuse isn’t that bad… if she’s throwing them from full-screen you can likely jump or super jump over one and not get hit by the other. It’s possible she could fake and run up and do Psycho Sword instead, though. Either way, fireballs aren’t that big a deal in this game because there are so many attacks that clash with them. It just takes some getting used to to get into the mentality of “A fireball is coming at me, I should totally punch it!”.

What I want to know is what’s the deal with her reflector. Whenever I end up playing against CPU Athena she does this weird thing where when she does a reflector I try to hit her and then all of a sudden she moves backwards and does another reflector or something, and I get hit. But when I try to do this nothing seems to happen automatically and I get hit. It’s weird…

Athena’s reflector will reflect most attacks including normals.

It makes for a good antiair since it will clash first & then shoot a projectile from the reflected attack.

The active frame for reflect is instant but doesn’t last for the whole animation of the move. So its not the safest move for her if you opponent empty jumps in since it doesn’t have an actual hit frame, only a reflect frame.

Meaning if your opponent touches the reflector without attacking they won’t get hit. But if they attack then the attack wll get reflected.

So technically speaking…they can just run/jump through the damn thing? Interesting

I’ve empty jumped into the reflector heaps of times without being hit by it. But once you stick out an attack it will get reflected. You can also run thought the reflector also. So its more of a counter move like Kasumi’s then an actual special.

And once it reflects an attack Athena recovers almost instantly.

But anyway a good Athena player won’t use the reflector unless they know an attack is coming or use it as a wake up against a jumping opponent. They won’t randomly do the move from fullscreen if the opponent is running at them.

Key to high tier Athena strategy?

How does her Super function BTW?

How weird. That makes sense though, thanks.

It’s like her old super except without the floating crystal balls. She glows and if the opponent makes contact, damage.

Only problem now is that there’s no optional fireball followup since there are no crystals, but you can still cancel it with ABCD. There is still recovery when you ABCD cancel so the opponent can still punish if you guess wrong.

But remember if the Super makes contact with your opponent in anyway, Block or hit, the super will end immediately & Athena will recover pretty quickly. So its pretty safe on block now.

But if it completely misses your opponent then you are screwed since it has such a long recovery.

Sounds like a more “zone play” Athena.

really don’t see why they have to take away her cmd grab and teleport. Besides kof2k2 she was never a iori type of top tier.

cmd grab isn’t that much of a loss, but teleport is going to hurt her zoning game.

So, I’ll ask here, since it didn’t get attention in the 2nd KoF Thread:

Does Athena’s grab have any special properties? In one of the european videos of 12, it looked like she sucked in a crouching Kyo from a decent distance, and then tossed him into the air.

Since it seems to be a pretty unique throw animation, is there anything special about the move? Does it have wider range, ability to absorb blows, ability to follow up before opponent hits the ground?

And does doing her Phoenix Arrow after her :r:+:snkb: leave her safe on block? I’ve rarely seen anyone do it in the US or Japanese videos, but the European guys did it a nice amount, so it made me wonder.

Thanks fot the info, in advance!

Nope it’s just her throw. That’s it, nothing special.

It seems pretty safe but I’m not 100% sure. You pretty much have to do the light Phoenix Arrow immediately though, if you wait too long it might be punishable with a DP or roll-escapable.

Far from it actually. Although she can, she’s really obnoxious when she’s in your face. Lot’s of c.C and s.C. Think 2k2 but more balanced. And she has some combos too which is nice.

I played with athena this weekend she is actually ok for the fact that she can throw an A fireball followed by a C fireball which does connect for two hits and you connect d+C into fireball or super and she has a nice corner combo(s.C, CD, C fireball into a psycho sword) so you can either zone with with or rush down in a way

teleporting would have been nice though, it’s part of her style. ah well. doesn’t Elisabeth have a teleport now? from the trailer can’t tell if that is just a part of a special counter move.