KOF XII - Benimaru thread

Benimaru Nikaido
Fighting Style : Japanese version of Muey Thai (Thai kickboxing)
Birthdate : 6th June
Nationality : Japan (with American heritage)
Blood Group : O+
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 68 kg
Likes : Being the center of attraction
Fav. Food : Sashimi
Strong Sports : Clay disc shooting
Important Things : Himself
Disliked Things : Otaku, regrets

Catch and Shoot Suplex: close, b or f + A + C

Jacknife Kick: f + B
Flying Drill: d + D in air

Raijinken: qcf + P
Kuuchuu Raijinken: qcf + P in air
Benimaru Lancer: qcb + P
Iai Geri: qcf + K
Handou Sandan Geri: Iai Geri, qcf + K
Super Inzuna Kick: dp + K

Raikoken: qcfx2 + P
Benimaru Rolling Thunder: qcbx2 + P

Has anybody found any usage for Benimaru Rolling Thunder, other than activating it after a CC?

It works as a good anti air or wake up super

^ This. But it’s recovery is really bad, so Anti-air is best bet, but it doesnt do great damage.

I like Benimaru in this game.

Raijinken feels damn near spammable, since it’s recovery is good, and the shock actually stays out a bit after he punches. TK’ing it is fun.
I love how any CH or AA Raijinken = free Raikoken. (assuming your close enough)
Raikoken is FAST too. Love it.

I’m still trying to find a good use for QCB+P, it’s good against rolls.

his Drill attack is terrible, no real pushback and they can at least throw you if they block it and on hit its not too great either.

I still need to find a Good CC combo with him.

Qcb+P is only good if you use it when they’re about to get up since it has good recovery. Might be able try for throw or CC starter after recovery on block. If they get hit by qcb+P in the corner you can do qcb x2+P to juggle.

Qcf+P is great and stays out there, but on an experienced opponent, not so great. There’s quite a bit of moves that will counter it like rush supers. If they think they can time to jump to hit after the move ends, you can do dp+K to punish.

Air qcf+P doesn’t have that great of recovery, but you can do dp+K afterwards if try but can’t punish you in time. If you use this after jumping over an opponent, he does turn around and do the raijinken backwards to hit the opponent.

CC arcadia combo is not very hard to do and works anywhere on the screen (omit raijinken if not in corner)

CC -> f+B x3 -> j. C -> j. C -> CD -> qcf+P -> qcf x2+P

Mid screen he can do j. attack -> C -> CD -> super or dp+B but damage wise is similar to doing d. B x2 -> qcf+K -> d, u+K

Corner combos
j. C -> C -> CD -> qcf+P -> qcf x2+P or (qcf+K -> d, u+K)
- note j. C must hit from above the opponent

charged CD -> dash d. C -> CD -> qcf+P or qcb+P -> qcb x2+P or (qcf+K -> d, u+K)

Only 4 replies? Lamee.
I got the game today…my fist KoF game, and I’m really likeing Benimaru…I think its only if you super hop but, j. HP -> mid-airRaijinken -> c.HP ->Raikoken does some good damage. I’ll have to experiment a little more though, haven’t played it too much yet.

I didn’t find a lot of combos in the thread and I don’t have the guide so I decided to post some I found yesterday :

corner combo
-D C+D qcf C, qcf D, qcf D d u D : 309dmg.
-D C+D qcf C, qcf D, qcfx2 C : 385dmg with meter.

CC in corner

  • qcf A x3, C+D qcb A, qcb D, dp D : 492dmg**.
  • qcfx2 C, fC, C+D qcf A, qcf D, qcfD, dp B : 615****dmg with meter**.

CC midscreen, I couldn’t find better than the one in Arcadia

  • fB x3, j.B j.D, D C+D dp B : 474dmg.
  • fB x3, j.B j.D , D C+D qcfx2 C : 551dmg with meter
    And if you push your opponent in the corner you can do :
  • fB x3, j.B j.D, D C+D qcf A, qcf B, qcb B d u B : 549dmg.
  • fB x3, j.B j.D, D C+D qcf A, qcf B, qcf x 2 C : 605dmg with meter

The guide has this CC which I have tried and does about 620ish

(Corner) CC -> CD -> qcb+Cx3 -> CD -> qcb+C -> CD -> qcb+C -> qcbx2+P

Nice ! Easier and better. You can add a qcf+D between the raijinken and raikouken.

It does 628dmg and is so far the most damaging. Thanks.

edit: Oops! It seems I’m blind :stuck_out_tongue: didn’t see it was Rolling Thunder and not Raikouken, disregard the number then :smiley: I’ll try this out later.

I’ll try out the extra qcf+D later, thanks for the tip!

Btw the super in the that corner combo is qcbx2+P(rolling thunder) not Raikouken. I tried both supers and Raikoken is normally stronger, but for some reason, in this combo Rolling Thunder does a little bit more damage from testing it.

Adding a qcf+D works with Rolling Thunder, I also discovered that bC+D does a lot more damage than a regular C+D during CC.
bC+D, qcb C x3, C+D qcb C, C+D qcf C, qcf D, qcbx2 C does 659dmg.

Real good shit on finding a corner CC for Beni. I was using a stable HeBe posted but wasn’t landing the CD consistently.

As for wake-up preferences has anyone had any luck with a tiger knee’d qcf+a? I’m finding it to be better on wake-up than qcb+p if they don’t tech since you can link hits afterward and the electricity stays out a bit before he hits the ground.

Thanks for all the good cc. Options!

too bad he isn’t top-tier anymore… but it’s nice to hear his raijinken is pretty good… but what i wanna know is his jump d.D good like '97…? or atleast safe? cause i spammed the shit out of it back then… and does his s.D > f.B link anymore? wishes for his old qcb+C, command grab & grab DM

yeah, Beni’s f+B combos from close attacks, but it cant be cancelled out of. The advantage is ok after it though.

and j.D is still good, so is his j.CD

Don’t know if anyone else has seen this, but its really easy to short hop into an instant raijinkin, im not sure if can be used as a nice set up or as a good wake-up stuffer, but it looks like it will hav some kind of use and i think i might hav cancelled the standing raijinken into the shorthop version while in the corner… im prolly imagining things but it so might open up some more combo ideas :wonder:

I wish I could read those combos :frowning:

is there a topic already or could anyone tell me the meanings i dont understand all the j.c d+p etc but i really want to learn

j usually stands for jump
sj = super jump
d = down
f = forward
b = back
u = up

also can combine the above
ex. df = down-forward

A (lp) = light punch
B (lk) = light kick
C (hp) = hard punch
D (hk) = hard kick

CD = blow black attack (pressing C and D at the same time)
b+CD = guard attack (pressing the above while holding back)

qcf (d, df, f) = quarter circle forward
qcb (d, db, b) = quarter circle back
hcf (b, db, d, df, f) = half circle foward
hcb (f, df, d, db, b) = half circle back

You can pretty much figure out of of the other notations from the above.

Awesome thank you!