KOF XII Canada Gameplay Stream at UfragTV!


Just happened across this:

“Check out livestreaming gameplay of KOF12 on UfragTV from Canada! Join the chatroom on Ufrag as the tournament goes on and be entered to win KOF12 figurines!”

And here’s the link!**

Currently the actual quality of the fighting leaves a bit to be desired (seems to be a number of folks new to the series playing from what I’ve observed so far), but I thought I’d get the word out anyway. :tup:


Im in the chat room, its cool cause the announcer is directly talking to those in the chat room. Join in guys!


Tourney just ended. It was a good room. Some folks even came away with some swag as well! Thanks to folks for coming out!


where and when did this tourney take place? and why was i not notified lol


I really like how the announcer was having a conversation with everyone in the chat room, even with me. Had some really good discussions.


I got a Terry hat for my team coming in 2nd. I wanted the game, though.

Damn trivia questions, too, could have got a figurine. Now I’m sad.


I’m pretty happy with how things turned out. Got the Terry Bogard cap that I wanted and snagged an Athena figure for answering a quiz question.

Only negative of the night was me missing my PS2 AV cable to run some older KOF until Pownz closed. Ah, well…