KOF XII - Chin Gentsai thread

Chin Gentsai
Fighting Style: Chinese Kung Fu (mainly Drunken Fist)
Birthday: 27th April
Nationality: China
Blood Type: A
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Fav. Food: Lemon salmon and lettuce with fried rice, among others
Best Sport: Taking a walk, yo-yo tricks
Important: Alcohol
Disliked Things: Pandas

Bangeki: close, b or f + A + C

Zaban Tetsu: d, d + P
Chou Karou: d, d + K

Chou Karou (Kaijou): Chou Karou, K
Getsu Kiba Soushuu: Zaban Tetsu or Chou Karou, P
Getsu Kiba Chou Geki: qcb + K
Suiha: qcb + P
Tori Ryuukou Hashira: df + D
Nitatsu Kyaku: df + B, B

Noboru Soratobi Tenhou: qcfx2 + P

Well, I’m glad to see Chin’s Stances are kept to :d:,:d: motions. In retrospect, I hated the :qcf:or :bdp: motions he had for stances in things like KoF 96 :slight_smile:

His old “Dizzy” and “Collapse” stances used to have special properties, such as upper body invincibility, or ducking insanely low under moves. do the new stances have anything like that? All I’ve noticed is “Foot hop is stupid fast at left/right movement”?

Am I correct in assuming he has no attacks with his Sake gourd now? Does he have any attacks with autoguard, or attacks that go through or repel/destroy projectiles? How about a command overhead?

Watching him reminds me very much of the new Kensou. His specials lack fire or any signifying effects, so looking at them, without knowledge of what does what, you can’t really tell what’s special moves, or just a :snkc:,:r:+:snka:,:snkc:+:snkd: style combo. His crouching :snka: pokes looked really slow from what I can tell, though throwing them out, and then going for crouching :snkd: seemed to be a solid footsies game in some of the posted videos.

It all has me wondering how he gets in, beyond the universal Hop + normals methods. So if anyone can clear some of this up, it’d be much appreciated!

Of all the videos I’ve seen, this one seems to be the best one at showing what a good Chin can do:


So the man really has no direct command normals? Then what’s that move that seems to work as a solid overhead? What are some of his combos? Like I mentioned last month, it’s hard to tell what his specials are.

Was good to see a vid of him finally fighting solidly, and not getting destroyed in seconds, like the filler between the Ashs, Kyos, and Terrys, lol. Gave me more confidence of his potential.

Wow, very lil information on this thread.

Command moves:
d,d+P - Stance #1. Chin starts off crouching down, which has him really low. Can cancel with P, which he does the quickie punch [2hits]. You can also just start d.B combos straight from this stance. Chin will automatically recover from this stance after a short while (if you didn’t press P).
d,d+K/df+B and don’t do anything - Stance #2. He stands on one leg. Also can be done after df+B, provided you don’t follow with anything else (he’ll automatically enter this stance). Press C to do the quickie punch (A makes you do a stand A) , B executes his df+B, and D to do something like his f+D extra normal. In this Stance you can only hop or hyper hop. Holding down puts you into Stance #1

Special moves:
qcb+P - Knock away punch. Has some sort of invincibility, can’t tell. But combos pretty well.
qcb+K - Does the funny walking backward thing. Don’t know what this is but I read that maybe it’s a counter. B version counters high/mid and command moves, while D version counters low/specials. If the D version connects you can combo out of it like qcb+A or DM.
df+D - Overhead attack, Chin does a forward spin and lands on the ground. You’re able to follow with the quickie punch by pressing P.
df+B~B - Chin does his Kyo impression by doing Kyo’s qcf+K. It even juggles! You can do qcb+P/qcfx2+P after the first df+B. Doing nothing after the first B will have him enter stance #2.
P during stance #1/2 - Quickie attack (this is what I called it because it’s like, a quickie attack). Chin does a punch. The thing is that this doesn’t push away the opponent, plus Chin is free to do whatever he wants right after this move. Basically, this resets Chin.

qcfx2+P - Chin does a 90 year old man version’s of Andy’s DM, while flying head first. Note that he flies around halfscreen, and it doesn’t go that high. It however has startup invincibility and comes out really quickly. He then lands on the ground, and if it’s blocked, get ready to be pwned.

-s.B, s.D is an unusal link because the s.D becomes his far D automatically.

Some combos:
d.B, d.A or d.C/s.C (dx2+P~P)x2~3, CD, qcb+P or qcfx2+P DM
Alternatively you can start the quickie punches by doing the overhead df+D~C, (dx2+P~P)x2 etc…

Some attack tips by Arcadia is when the Quickie Punches are blocked high, cancel into df+D; if they are blocked low, cancel into dx2+P (leaves you into punch stance), d.B, d.A …

For anti air I like to use dx2+P~P Quickie Punch real late or simply do d.C into df+B [1hit] (if you have the right distancing, you can do df+B [1hit] 2~3 times into qcb+P or qcfx2+P DM. Alternatively, if the opponent jump attacks early (which happens quite often against a short Chin) do dx2+P into punch stance into d.B, d.A combos.

Just a couple of combos from a good source:
:d::snkb:,:d::snka:x2~:df:+:snkb:,:qcb::snka: or :qcf::qcf:+:snkc:

I’ll share later…

If you think thats the best chin you’ve seen then you need to look up more vids lol…


now this is delicious

Man, that announce is REALLY hype!!!

:df::snkd:~:d::d::snka:or:snkc:(x3) :qcf::qcf::snkc:

is my fav ;D

Any tips on how to get the df+b to juggle 3 times? He always goes into that low stance thing and wont do another df+b.

This is his only thing that I cant do for now =(

I don’t know if this is known or not but you can cancel Chin’s overhead by holding D.

Mind games yo.

in the corner you can do

whatever into 22AA/CC (1-3x) CD xx 3B, B, B, 214A

to whomever was having trouble with doing more than one 3B in a combo, 3B auto puts you into 22B/D state, so you press B instead of 3B

you can also go into 22B/D from 6D by just holding D

in the corner i do, df+D, (dd+a~c)x3, CD, df+B, B, B, qcb+A.

Chin infinite bug in the corner:


Thanks to LWK for finding it.

Wow. That is freaking lame. I heard it is kind of a chore to set up but the pay off is good… I really wish this game wasn’t getting eaten up like this. With the online and all this BS. I really hope this can all he hammered out.

I wonder if this was also a result of the patch. I’ll check it out when I get home and see if that’s the case. I still haven’t updated my game yet.

Also, haha chinfinite

I’m guessing you need turbo to do the infinite? Because manually doing them is hard as fcuk.

mash down and C

According to the Japanese boards:
CC Corner combo:

Translation: (CC Corner) df+D, df+B~B, qcb+A, df+B (CC ends here), s.A (whiffs), CD (something, I’m assuming it’s late cancel into), df+Bx6, qcb+A [509]/qcfx2+P DM [594]

  • I can only manage 4 sets of df+B and that yields 575 damage with the DM at least.

EDIT: You can see it here with 5 sets of df+B: [media=youtube]hP3e0-lemqw[/media] around 4:09

do you guys have any good midscreen CC with Chin?