KOF XII - Clark thread


Clark Steel
Fighting Style : Martial arts + Heidern-style assasination techniques
Birthdate : 7th May
Nationality : America
Blood Group : A+
Height : 187 cm
Weight : 105 kg
Likes : Collecting guns
Fav. Food : Oatmeal
Strong Sports : Wrestling
Important Things : His sunglasses
Hated Things : Slugs

Death Mountain Buster: close, b or f + A + C
Death Lake Drive: close, b or f + A + C in air

Jet Upper: df + A
Stomp: f + B + D

Super Argentine Backbreaker: hcf + K
Vulcan Punch: P rapidly
Flashing Elbow: Super Argentine Backbreaker, qcf + P

Ultra Argentine Backbreaker: hcbx2 + P


Only 2 moves? Seriously SNK? Come on Clark isn’t Guile!


Wow, you’re a little late to the discussion…we’ve already bitched about how he’s downgraded to his 94 edition when the first vids came up. A real hit for a Clark fan like myself. Here’s hoping that this is fixed on console release, if not there better be some good shit we’re missing on Clark.


Grabs are still 1f, right?


to me the best clark ever is the 2k2UM incarnation , the 94s isnt that bad with his punches he can beat the shit out of anyone but still this XII version is some kind of poor…we’ll see


I’m not sure grabs are 1f, it’s kinda hard to test in the arcade environment… the important thing is that grabs just lose outright to anything that has an attack hitbox sticking out, which is majorly bad.

The thing is he actually has LESS moves than his 94 incarnation. In 94 he had the Gatling Attack (charge back, forward + Punch)…


^^I meant, more or less his 94 incarnation. He didn’t have an air grab and SABB follow-up either in that game if I’m not mistaken.

Are his gatling punches any good in this game or what?


Why did his Stomp command move turn to f+BD? Makes no sense…


Stomp? Its a new move where he hops forward, can be used to mix-up attack chains.

Reminds me of the focus thing in SF4 where they cancel a move into a hop and continue the pressure.

Could be wrong but I think it will be key to his gameplay once ppl get a hang of him, opening the way for mix-ups and combos.


I’ve known about it beforehand, but only now did I post to complain about it :sweat:


Grabs aren’t 1 frame anymore…actually grabs won’t grab half the time even if you right next to your opponent when they have just finished a move & that includes the grab DM.

Thats why I always do a b+D before doing his grab. That way if it hits I can hit confirm the grab & if its blocked I can do f+BD to continue the pressure & if I have CC meter I might get a CC.

Crouch B into St D is a good block chain for Clark after a successful grab. I get a lot of people with the st D. It works also if the crouch B hits but the timing is really a 1 frame link.


Maybe Clark kinda has a E.Honda in SF4 type deal to him…Special moves aren’t the greatest, but has excellent damage on his normals for not that much effort or combos.


His command grab does heap of damage as with all command grabs in this game.

All you really need with Clark is his Jumping CD, Hop D, Close D & command grab. :lol:


Can his DM be combo’ed in also? Ive been checking some vids of some good clark players but not one of them has used the DM without it getting stuffed nor have they tried to implement it in a combo.


All DMs can be comboed into.

With the exception of Ash’s ball super of course.


Ugh, it sounds like Clark sucks now…

Damn… he was going to be on my team. He doesn’t even have the Frankensteiner? Geez…


Yup…kinda like…Claw…

Yeah, gonna still use him anyway, even if I’m bitter. He’s my main man after all.

SAE: Unless, Abraham gets a hold of this game and discovers some seriously good shit…


Yeah, but despite the fact that claw sucks at least he still has his full arsenal of moves. I can’t play a Clark that has two moves.

I only started using him in KOF '99. By then he had a buttload of moves to choose from. I’m more used to that. He only has two moves now, that’s pathetic. I mean, Guile has two moves as well but he’s always had two moves. So there’s nothing for me to miss.


I think its too early to jump the gun. Look at Ralf, he’s got the same amount of moves and in the latest vids shows him going toe to toe with the rest of them. Def not the best of the characters as far as options out but I wouldn’t put him out just yet.


I really hope he doesn’t suck, but even if he does I’ll still main him. What i really want to see is his DM implemented in a combo. Of all the vids Ive seen of clark, not one person has been able to do so.

in one of these vids you finally get to see clarks DM, he does it as soon as he CC and it does MASSIVE DAMAGE (its the 3rd vid down).