KOF XII comes out on July 28th


Its official now!

This is the North American Release only (I think).


I’ve got it reserved at gamestop and it comes out july 21 in NA (ships on the 20th)


its to close to the release date…why would jesus do this?


Hmmm… Official developer of some game shop’s website.

Yeah, it comes out on the 28th.


I was still expecting the 30th lucky me sort of… anyway now to play the waiting game or just play Blazblue til the 30th :rofl:


This release date was announced about a month ago or more.


It’ll be pushed back. This is SNK we’re talking about.

I’ll be surprised if it comes out on time.


Link plox.


I haven’t been this excited about a KOF in a while.


Same here, even if there isn’t much “attention” yet for it.


I think people underestimate SNK and peg KOF as an SF rip-off.Some gamers will call anything a rip-off if it’s even remotely similar.


Aye. I love 'em both, for their own reasons. It’s like having two good friends, don’t give the other the cold shoulder and overlook their good points. :tup:


And dont mind them, that’s their ignorance speaking. SF and KOF are worlds apart.


I agree.I love both games.I actually found myself playing more KOF before SF4 came out.I love KOF’s character roster.I’m done with SF4 now though.I can’t wait for this new KOF.Hopefully when they make another KOF in 3-D (well kind of) like KOF2006 again…It will look as good as this does.This also makes me wonder what else SNK has up their sleeve.


I cant wait for this game. Check it out, gametrailers has a preview up!


I can’t count on the net code of this game. Not having my hopes up after all the XBLA releases.


I agree, unfortunately.

Still, it looks good, and talking with people who’ve been messing around with the arcade version leaves me feeling positive. The net code might be ass, but it’s still worth picking up.


its a different developer so dont count it out


Dont go by Garou or KOF98, both games were outsourced. KOF12 is being dont 100% in-house.


Let’s just say that netcode put this from day 1 buy, to wait and see a day or two if things are just as bad.

If KOFXII’s netcode is that bad- SNK is dead to me after 15 years. I believe the netcode will be at least mediocre though.