KOF XII - Dou Lon thread

Dou Lon
Fighting Style : Hizoku-style
Birthdate : 11th March
Nationality : Hei Bei Province, China
Blood Group : Unknown
Height : 189 cm
Weight : 79 kg
Likes : Discovery of new species, Mahjong
Fav. Food : A kind of barbecued food
Strong Sports : None
Important Things : Symbol of the Hizoku Clan, Mother’s photo
Hated Things : Unknown

Suite Shoukou: close, b or f + A + C

Maboroshi Mu Ken: f + A
Moboroshi Mu Kyaku: f + B
Hike Kyaku - Zen: qcf + K
Hike Kyaku - Ushiro: qcb + K
Suteki Juuryuu: Connect with a close C then qcf + C, C

Hiden Genmu Hakisaki Shikon: qcb,hcf + P

ok so, I guess few people are playing this guy (Where are you DG???!)

If im not mistaken he had long range pokes when he is airbone too (at least his f + a)

You can juggle after the last his of his rekkas ala 03 (mostly a poke into teleport and mixups)

f + a & f + b combo from light attacks

not sure about his CC B&B.

maybe you can do like some crazy C rekkas then teleport and keep juggling with c, teleport over and over for a CC combo.

[f+B] x3, j.B, j.D, stand D xx qcb,hcf+P

Going to test this today. :S

f+B is really good for frustrating people. Can be used to stuff fireball attempts at startup so you don’t have to try to clash them =p Does a pretty good amount of chip, too. Very unsafe on whiff, though. If people are at like full screen trying to jump in to avoid it, you can just do it as they land instead.

f+A is nice to catch people out of jump startup, to punish whiffs, or to combo I guess. Can cancel into teleport but people would just mash whenever I tried to use this for pressure… though off C > rekkas, f+A XX QCF+B seemed to be pretty decent.

c.C is a strong anti-air, c.C XX QCF+B lets you actually pressure your opponent a bit. Anti-air CH c.C XX QCF+B, A/D XX QCF+B -> hop attack/c.B/throw/CC D seems pretty strong.

j.C is a pretty decent air-to-air move.

D/c.C > CD XX QCF+B seemed alright for punishing big things, dunno if C > rekkas would be better though. Maybe D/c.C > CD > f+A XX QCF+B? Once you have meter, D/c.C > CD XX super is probably the best bet for damage, though Duolon is kinda lacking for damage overall.

I’ll figure something broken with him come July 16th count on it I can wait…the more I’m playing in KOFXI the more comfortable I’ll feel even with his changes in this game…I’m hearing a lot about his changes and his Dhalsim style play…I’ll rewrite his style just wait…


Unless I completely detest his style then from what I’m seeing and hearing he’s Dhalsim WITH SPEED…which is fine with me…I can already see uses for the backwards teleport that I came up with even in KOFXI recently lol.

haha, if no one can figure something broken out before then, then some of us arent doing our jobs. If theres something broken.

Hello Dark Geese, how are you?
I play Duo Lon in 12 and i used to play him in 11(dont know how i ended playing him but I was using him as leader) and I can tell you he is totaly different, the only thing he got is mixup because that the only way to deal damage.
The dalshim comparison isnt wrong but there 6+B can be punish if whiffed(you will eat a good combo, yeah that bad) and 6+A will not hit aerial opponent.
I start to understand how to play with him, I develloped a style of play where i set trap to get counter hit or grab.
You can see some of my matches there http://www.youtube.com/user/KusoCamera as well as some other UK heads.
the level isnt that good because we were all experimenting with the characters but next bach of vids should be better as we are all starting to understand the gameplay’s mechanic better.
If any one got questions about Duo Lon stuff just ask and I will do my best to answer.

I will be playing Duo-Lon and in this thread very soon with some good info…

I’ll check that out because I’m hearing many different things…appreciate the info I hear from some “He sucks” and other things…I’ll check those vids out today…appreciate it!!! :china:

who the hell says he sucks, he’s considered pretty good last I looked. Strong anti-airs all around, good (if kinda risky at times) zoning game, pretty good pressure in certain situations. Damage is a bit (or very) lacking but he can always transition into pressure or re-take his distance off whatever hits he lands.

I forgot to check if C > rekkas > backwards teleport is doable/safe on block. If so, it’d be a pretty decent string during pressure.

f+D is really good imo.

Something strange I noticed about his s.C, qcf+Cx2 is even if you whiff the s.C completely, you can cancel into the qcf+Cs…haven’t found any practical usage for it yet, but I’ll find one.

I wouldn’t call him bad, he’s just different.

i dont think its doable, i tried doing it yesterday and it didnt work.

also i noticed that i couldnt land D > CD > Super. The super would go right under the opponent.

how about pausing a bit so u can catch them as they’re coming down?

Oh dont worry the time is coming soon (July 7th) when I will break into the new Duo Lon hardcore…and then I will certainly do a writeup about him in due time…

Stay tuned…


^^ I would like to definitely see this, I’m really starting to like Duo Lon now. Kinda sucks that he doesn’t have his qcfx2+k move anymore I’ll miss comboing that from dp+k.

Duo Lon seems to be the hardest character to use at full potential, wich partially explains why not many people play him. Anyway, since the juggling system in this game is less limited than in other KoFs, can anyone se if his rekkas can connect after a CD + teleport on the corner (perhaps even a teleport + super afterwards if the opponent is high enough)?

since the start of his rekkas is a s.C, they’ll just bounce out of it

you CAN however do
charge DC, s.C xx rekka xx qcfB, s.D

from there you cancel the s.D with qcfB or D for throw hop/low/meaty mix-up

most damage combo from a jump in is s.C xx rekka but I wasn’t able to do f.A from that like everyone’s saying…so this combo knocks down which gives the opponent time to roll/think so IMO unless you’re going for straight damage
these two for teleport mix-up
s.D xx CD xx qcfB, D xx teleport of choice
s.D xx CD xx f.A xx teleport…gives you a little more time to act, giving you a guaranteed hop (I think)

best low option seems to be c.B, s.A, f.B…but you can do f.A if you want to mix it up…f.A is also tele-cancelable while f.B is not

didn’t check how these operate mid-screen

as for CCs best I could come up with is
s.C xx qcf.C xx qcf.C xx qcf.B s.C(whiff) qcf.C xx qcf.C xx qcf.B, CD xx qcf.B, s.D xx tele mix-up (the CD hits REALLY high so you get extra time ^_^)
f.B, f.B, f.B, s.D xx hop D, s.D xx CD xx qcf.B, s.D
in either combo you can super after the CD though you might have to teleport in the mid-screen one anyway since the super will probably whiff due to the CD hitting when they’re so high in the air

in the corner combo, if you hit a bit later in the hop it’ll reset the combo counter for a bit more damage if they’re not expecting it…you might be able to get a guard break CD instead of the hop?..maybe teleport B or D for front or behind?..need more experimenting

at first I was disappointed due to his combos being COMPLETELY different and not all that great anymore…but he has a LOT of range/speed and his over-all gameplay is REALLY fun…also seems like duo-lon has enough block-stun to do some nice tele-mix-up after a s.D which is @_@

A good combo string is c.B, followed by any 3 of s.A or c.A, cancelled into super. For instance, you can do c.B c.A s.A c.A XX super or c.B c.A c.A s.A XX super (this second one is also in the KoF XII strategy guide). You don’t have to do three A attacks, but it does add a little damage and makes the string easier to hit confirm into super. If you don’t have meter, you can end with f+A XX teleport for mixup.

Also in the KoF XII strat guide (seriously, it’s a good guide) is this CC combo:

counterhit D (starts the CC), s.C qcf+C, s.C qcf+C, hopping B, D while falling from the same hop, s.D XX CD XX super

I find that you have to delay the cancel from CD to super a little longer than most other characters for this to combo midscreen, just as an fyi.

nice on the s.A xx super…didn’t even think about it since most supers are retarded slow…at least that gives us some really nice damage off low options after teleport :slight_smile: