KOF XII - Elisabeth Thread

Elisabeth Blanctorche
Birthdate: November 11; 25 years old in Days of Memories
Birthplace: France
Height: 174cm (5’9")
Weight: 58kg (128 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Likes: Her mission, pride
Dislikes: People who lack faith, irresponsible people
Hobbies: Wine tasting
Favorite Food: Wine (Chteau Latour)
Forte in Sports: Horseback riding
Special Skill: Can function normally without three days of sleep
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) 90, 58, 86
Weapon: Short whip
Fighting Style: Blanc-styled Martial Arts + Light Fist Technique

Special Moves:
Etancher: qcf + Punch
Platinum Mirage: qcf+Kick (dash step forward), qcb+Kick (dash step backwards)
Special Throw: hcb~f+P
Parry: LK+HK

Desperation Move:
Noble Brass: qcfx2 + Punch

those movesets seem incomplete right?

I really hope you are right, because when I tried her, that is all I found.

And here is the juicy details.

Elisabeth is a good character, not too great, but good.

She lost her DP move :sad:

Her Jump CD is now a Kick, not her swinging her Whip Stick.

Her qcf+P doesn’t look much, but it does have good reach, especially her C version, both great as anti-airs.

Her Counter Move makes her teleport behind the opponent, I thought I saw that there was another connector after that, but I couldn’t figure it out yet.

She can combo a qcf+C into a Super from anywhere, be fast on it though, but I don’t think you can combo a regular attack into qcf+C, unless you CD them in the corner.

Here are some combos

cr. B, cr. A, qcf+A
st. C (or cr. C) into qcf+A
(Corner only)
cr. C, CD, qcf+C, Super!

That’s all I can find for her, hopefully she has other tricks up her sleeve.

well in her little vid, they showed that she still had her uppercut super, so hopefully that along with the normal ver is still in the game.

Really, hopefully its a move I forgot to do, but I also overheard that it was more of a grab, but lets see what happens.

I’ll update the list once we get more info, but that’s what I got from playing as her at the event.

Aye, it looked more like a grab in the vid… did you get a chance to do her normal grab? I’d like to doubt that anything that impressive and damaging was a normal grab, but who knows! After the grab in the promo vid, it counted as 3 hits. Dunno if the move does that much, or if she just combo’d into it in the vid.

Thanks for the info! I’m gonna miss uppercut juggling with her, but I like this warping counter idea she has going on, just hope it’s worthwhile.

I did remember she had a Throw Super in XI, maybe that was it.

I tried her back grab, nothing special about it.

After I did a qcf+P, I immediately did her warping counter after since I knew they were going to attack me and it worked, it looks good for mind games.


Damn, I was really hoping she’ll have that dashing DP from XI.

Elisabeth’s Combo Exhibition

It looks like that grab is a Special Grab, looks very useful since I’m sure you can Warp Counter into grab or something :bgrin:

I knew there was something else to her Counter Step, I love it that you can extend your combos with that Step :tup:

Did anyone notice the wired attack she did on Chin in the combo video. It look like she negated his kick. Could it be a new counter move?

yea it looks like her teleporting move except she just teleported in place.

My new fav. KOF character from XI, I will still use her regardless! :slight_smile:

Now that the game is out, lets get some more Elisabreast love :bgrin:

Damn, they actually skimmed her already skeleton special moves list.

I was messing around with her lk+hk for a little bit, it seems almost like a 3s parry. That and her humps (qcf/qcb+k) are giving me some hope as far as counter~command grab tricks. Anyone else having any succes?

Word is Elizabeth has the most damaging CC combo in the game so far. Corner only, super required:

CC hit > (qcf+A)x3 > allow fall animation > qcf+A (CC state ends) > (CD xx qcf+C)x2, qcfx2+C, qcf+A or cr.C

Credit goes to Protokoll for telling me about it.

vid by any chance?

I’m still confused with her LK + HK
And the timings for 236HK/Vice Versa. Does it have any continuation? Or what’s the good move to do after it.

Here’s a combo for the corner.

Jumping :snkd:, :snkc:, :snkc:+:snkd:, :qcf:+:snkc:, :qcf:x2+P, :snkc:, step forward, close :snkb:, :hcb: :r:+P.

Nasty damage and a bit of mixup in there as well. You can alternatively switch out the second :snkc: with a :qcf:+:snka: or other moves.