KOF XII INPUT DIFFICULTY, any way to correct the upcoming console port of KOX XIII?


Just recently I got KOF XII on my XBOX 360.

I don’t want to start a review of the game but I was shocked to see that SNK Playmore implemented the hyper-sensitive, over-correct input with zero-tolerance that they introduced since KOF 2002. Especially 180 Degree-moves, Quarter-Cycles and dragon punches are rather difficult to pull off, no matter if you use the arcade stick or the original microsoft d-pad.

This is clearly and objectively to see especially in direct comparison to SSF4/SF4 and SNKs own KOF 98 UM and GAROU that are available on XBOX LIVE Arcade.
It can not be denied that the two latter titles are much easier in input.

Just that you know I own a Mad Catz Tournament Edition Fight Stick. Before that I used a Keyboard for playing fighting games on my PC. In KOF 2002 and subsequent SNK games the same issue of difficult input occurred, independently which input used (keyboard, stick, gamepad etc.).

is there any way to form a petition of KOF-Fans here in shoryuken-community to forward this issue for the upcoming console port to the programmers and ask them if they just make the input “easy”/tolerable like they used to in the “glory” days (GAROU, old KOFs up to KOF 2000)? Or even better, does anybody here a friend of the SNK-staff to directly contact them?

Would love to see some help because I would like to see the new KOF XIII also input-wise on par with SF 4.


you’re not only asking, you’re begging…


kof xii its not strict on the input departament, dunno what are you talking about

theyre not hard…

Your either trying to say SF4 is better than KOF or your serious about wanting KOF to not make a garbage game. Having played 12 and seeing videos via 13, the only thing I noticed was smaller characters, new characters, ultra combos from the looks of it, that’s about it.

Honestly, I don’t think KoF XII is strict at all. (S)SF4 is pretty lenient and has shortcut motions though. However I have experienced something odd related to this. When SF4 first came out my friends and I all switched from pad players to stick. I had a very difficult time at first getting adjusted. However once KoFXII dropped, my execution suddenly felt godly. I still have trouble when playing (S)SF4 getting exactly what I want out but never have any trouble with KoFXII but, my friend says that for the life of him he can’t get a DP out in that game. I think its just a sort of feel thing. I have a very heavy hand and pretty much slam the joystick around.

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KOF XII inputs aren’t strict.

Oh and have fun playing KOX XIII. Whatever the hell that is.

KOFXII controls are amoung some of the easiest and least strict in the FG universe. In fact the controls are pretty standard. If you cannot get QCF motion or DP’s to come it means you simply are doing them wrong. Perhaps to fast I would guess.

Also most people don’t realize that KOFXII has it’s fair share of shortcuts, they just aren’t incredibly stupid like SF4’s. For instance a command grab done with the motion HCB, F can be done in this fashion: QCB, F. Most half circles in the game only require a 5 inputs from a DB direction.

Plus virtually all light normals can be cancelled, meaning timing is a very lenient and the only fault could really be execution or delayed reaction. Don’t mash and you will soon find there is no problem with the controls.

Infact with the Myriad of problems that plagued KOFXII, controls simply put are not one of them.

Welcome to the Shoryuken.

KoFXII is probably the easiest fighting game I have ever played on an input level. :looney:

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Also, Capcom, can you make it so I can do ultras without hitting all 3 punch buttons? That is really hard.


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