KOF XII - Iori Yagami thread

Iori Yagami
Fighting Style : Ancient Yagami-style martial arts + instinct
Birthdate : 25th March
Nationality : Japan
Blood Group : O+
Height : 182 cm
Weight : 76 kg
Likes : Band
Fav. Food : Meat
Strong Sports : All
Important Things : nothing
Hated Things : Violence

Sakahagi: close, b or f + A + C

Ge Shiki Yumebiki: f + A, A

Muetouchi: dp + P
Shougatsu: qcb + P
Sayatori: qcb + K
Tsuchi Tsubaki: hcf + C

Yawakajou [Eight Young Women]: qcf,hcb + P

They change the name of Iori’s super? Wasn’t it Shinki Yatome or “Maiden Masher?”

You’re right, I’m guessing is that due to him losing his powers I guess they changed the name.

I’m liking his new command throw, especially since you can follow up w/ his dp (that the uppercut claw move correct?) then to his super. Iori definitely looks to be a solid character.

What I want to know is if you can run up to close the gap after it. Maybe something like:
command grab>run up>CD>DM/Special…

Probably only in the corner or in CC mode

I believe I heard someone mention in the main thread, that after you do the command grab to uppercut slash, that you could follow up with his dashing slash, on their way down, if you didn’t have a DM at the time.

I haven’t seen this occur any, if at all though. Everyone seems to be either going for the DM, or just being too fresh to the game to go any further than that.

Man, if he can air juggle lots after the Command grab, in corners… Imagine landing a CC, then smashing on the :snkc:s a few times, going into the command grab just as CC is over, uppercut slash, and then rush in :snkc:+:snkd:, that spinclaw thing he does (assuming it’s Shougatsu), and then going into DM… :looney: That’d be nuts! (and potentially quite overpowered!)

I noticed in one of the videos that the scaling gets pretty crazy if you go too crazy, that one vid with the crazy Iori combo nerfed his super really badly so it only did 35-40 percent total

Nope it’s the same meaning; Young Woman can also mean Maiden.

…and a combo that ends with a super that does near 40-50% damage is still a good one.

Iori getting a reset off QCB+C is pretty sick.

In the corner, hcf+C, dash under, CD xx dp+C, super should work. That is the end of his best CC afaik.

Man you guys are lucky, I really want to test this new Iori out…

Tim119 almost gets the Arcadia CC here:


But what’s interesting is that he does j.A-j.C as a CHAIN! So in the CCs with multiple jumping attacks with different strengths, you will do both in one jump as a chain, not multiple jumps.

You should see what he does when he gets you in the corner lol.

You do both attacks as a chain in like every CC, regardless of whether it’s different attacks or the same one.

I really like the changes to Iori im just really having trouble executing in his hitbox. Its definately going to take some practice getting used to. Why did he lose his powers? Any tips or specific pointers on effectively adapting his changes?

^ Because Ash stole Iori’s power of flame.
So yeah, I like how they made “Flameless Iori” to corelate with what happened between him and Ash.

umm anyone know if iori’s specials r safe? in old kofs everything besides his fireball and first 2 hits of rekka was punishable on block… and also his d.D was very punishable on block…

so far in all the videos i haven’t seen anyone punish any of his specials… so since i can’t get the game yet, r they safe?

Well, by experience, you’re pretty safe with low sweeps.
Prone to specials though.

But I’m not entirely sure.
Those are what I recalled when I was playing VS with my bro.

his qcb+B is very safe. Hits rather high too so u cant just to a short hop to avoid.