KOF XII - Kim Kaphawn thread

Kim Kaphawn
Fighting Style : Taekwondo
Birthdate : 21st December
Nationality : Korea
Blood Group : A+
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 78 kg
Likes : Karaoke
Fav. Food : Korean barbecue
Strong Sports : Gymnastics
Important Things : His wife and two sons
Hated Things : Evil

Sakkyaku Nage: close, b or f + A + C

Neri Chagi: f + B
Tora Yopu Chagi: f, f + D

Hishou Kyaku: qcf + K in air
Hangetsuzan: qcb+ K
Kuuchuu Hangetsuzan: qcb + K in air
Hien Zan: d~u + K

Hou’ou Kyaku: qcb,hcf + K

what does f f+D do? and what is that new move air qcb+K? also, i notice a lack of stomp…

It’s the air ver. of his regular qcb + K

Hou’ou Kyaku is no longer qcb, db, f + K?

It’s always been:qcb:,:hcf: :snkb: or :snkd:

I always do the motion than i mentioned before

I know tan is a shortcut, but in any faq that i have read it, appears with qcb, db f + k, ala terry style

He’s not called Kim Kaphawn anymore. It’s just Kim now… :rofl:

is that the one where he dashes forward like crazy ala Jae Hoon’s Dash Back+B?

Kuuchuu Hangetsuzan: qcb + K in air

What does this do?

Just watch 00:12. [media=youtube]RO6Q4qcUHkY[/media]

Ooh, a fake out move. I like it.

His full real name is Kim Kap Hwan. It is also the name of a former SNK employee who left the company. So in respect he is just called by his family name…Kim.

Strike I’m asking about this move

Tora Yopu Chagi: f, f + D

i think its this move in the XII Character Trailer?

at 1:59

yeah that’s the move after that you can combo into his dive kick

Gave Kim an honest shot today but I’m still not really feeling him. He’s not as bad as I thought but still doesn’t seem as viable as a lot of other characters.

Kim is apparently the exception to the rule I thought the game had on every character only having one f+C or f+D. Because Kim’s got both! That means if you’re holding forward on the joystick and press either button, neither attack will be bufferable! For this reason I suggest sticking with crouching C, it has pretty decent range (it kinda looks like his crouching C in Fatal Fury Special, although it’s not the same exact kick).

B Hangetsuzan isn’t as bad on block as I thought it was… I think it MIGHT still be punishable with light attacks or something else that comes out quickly, but it’s relatively safe. D version? Don’t ever use it outside of combos (or if you’re sure they’re going to jump), nuff said.

Air version of Hangetsuzan isn’t that bad on block either but pretty sure it’s punishable. I was messing around with doing the input off the ground - you do down, down-back, back, up-back, up + Kick (of course you can end it at Up-Back instead too). I was kinda hoping this move would be an overhead when done from the air, that would be siiiick… but alas it can be blocked low. Wasn’t sure this really had a use until I accidentally discovered that if done at the right distance, you can instantly cross them up with this move! I think. I’m not sure on the specifics, i.e. the exact range you need to be in and whether it matters if B or D version is used, but it looked like it was crossing them up since it goes forward and has a fairly wide hitbox. More testing is required. There is hope!

f, f + D is bizarre. It whiffs on crouchers and basically makes you a sitting duck. I see you’re supposed to be able to combo Hishokyaku after it when it hits, but apparently you need to do it really fast as it was always blockable when I tried it, it only worked if the f, f + D caused a stagger counterhit.

f + B still doesn’t combo when chained, although it does become bufferable. I guess since it doesn’t combo you can use it in block strings to try to get a stagger? Because I got that to happen a couple times.

DM has a lot of invincibility after it starts. Use it to go through projectiles!

Midscreen combos (add in the hop/jump attack of your choice):
cr. B, cr. A, cr. A xx D Hienzan (I find the timing on his old cr. B, cr. B, cr. A combo to be kinda weird now. cr. B, cr. A, cr. A seems to be easier and doesn’t push them back as far, I think. Maybe it’s just me)
cr. B, cr. A xx Hou’ou Kyaku (DM)
cr. C -> CD xx D Hangetsuzan (only gets 1 hit)
cr. C -> CD xx Hou’ou Kyaku (DM, yes it works anywhere of course)

Corner combo:
cr. C -> CD xx D Hangetsuzan
cr. C -> CD xx D Hienzan
cr. C -> CD xx B Hangetsuzan, B Hienzan
Can’t find any other funky juggle combos like that (anything else I tried after B Hangetsuzan whiffed), but that one does surprisingly good damage. I am not sure if the last one does more damage than the D Hangetsuzan or Hienzan.

is the f,f+D literally, forward forward then D, or you have to be dashing for it to come out?

as in can you cancel into it from certain attacks?

it’d be cool if in the corner something like cr. C>CD xx f,f+D xx qcb+k/qcf+k worked

it’s bufferable. You can do cr. C -> f, f + D into air qcf+K or qcb+K. (you can’t use command normals to chain into or out of CD attacks)

Athena can actually do f+B out of a CD

A few characters can cancel the CD into a command normal. Athena & Ash can from the top of my head.

i still get the damn idea this game feels overrushed and too incomplete. i know ill be buying it no matter what, but i doubt there will be any reason to play this after XIII gets released. all the while i still play 95, 97 and 98 from time to time. its just that they that damn good.