KOF XII - Kyo Kusanagi thread

Kyo Kusanagi
Fighting Style : Ancient Kusanagi-style martial arts
Birthdate : 12th December
Nationality : Japan
Blood Group : B (RH-)
Height : 181 cm
Weight : 75 kg
Likes : Writing Poetry
Fav. Food : Barbecued fish
Strong Sports : Ice hockey
Important Things : His motorcycle and girlfriend Yuki
Hated Things : Hard work

Issetsu Seoi Nage: close, b or f + A + C

Shiki Goufu You: f + B
88 Shiki: df + D

108 Shiki Yami Harai: qcf + P
100 Shiki Oniyaki: dp + P
75 Shiki Kai: qcf + B, B or D, D
101 Shiki Oboro Guruma: reverse dp + K
212 Shiki Kototsuki You:hcb + K

Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi: qcb,hcf + P

Wow, no replies for this one. I thought I would take the time to ask some questions about the art of using Kyo:

When I first started really getting into KOF 98, I tried Kyo out a couple of times, but just couldn’t get into his Recka Punches. It just didn’t seem natural to me. So, I began using his 95 form and played him like a Shoto. I won significantly more matches, but I still didn’t do as well with him as I would with my mains (Billy, Saisyu, Joe, Rugal, Robert, Ryo, Heavy D!, Terry, and Kim). So, I randomly picked his Recka Punches form, and started getting into him and winning more matches, but I’m still having some trouble using him.

Recka Punch version: I tend to rely on Recka Punches, the DP, and every now and then the RED Kick. But when should I use the Shiki Kai (qcf + Kick, Kick), and his reversal (QCB + Punch)? I understand his HCB + Kick grab attack is best used in a combo or if you manage to catch them off guard when they’re preparing a move. I’m not asking how to do combos, but when to use these moves. Because the Shiki Kai is not safe on block at all, and I know how badly you can be punished in KOF and choose not to use it. The Reversal is something you would use with experience, but I’m curious if others have a developed some strategy around it. Really want to know when to best use the Shiki Kai.

95 Version: Just looking for general strategies for him. As I said, I play him like a typical Shoto and I end up getting destroyed. So any advice at all would be appreciated.

OK, you should probably ask this in the '98 tips thread as this is specifically for XII Kyo who doesn’t have a lot of those moves anyway.

Remember with qcf+K.K, you can delay the second kick which will hit an opponent trying to move after the first one. It will also lessen the recovery making it safer (safe enough to use against most characters). Once you get the timing down, you can lock people down in the corner pretty well, and get a feel for how they will try to escape under the pressure. A blockstring like s.C, f+B, qcf+D.D can also catch people out, as the first kick will whiff while the second will hit. Landing the second kick of this guarantees a DM, or a juggle combo if they are in the corner so it’s pretty rewarding (I wouldn’t really recommend throwing this out by itself very often though). Once you get a hang of the range/timing required to make it safe, qcf+K.K becomes very useful (moreso to '95 Kyo cause he can’t rely on rdp+K and rekkas). As for the qcb+P reversal, you have to be quite good at reading the opponent for this to work as the reversal period is quite short. It does have the added benefit of also being an attack, which will save you sometimes should you go for the reversal and the opponent decides to hop. I have seen this being used on wakeup to anticipate a meaty attack to some success.

'95 version pretty much has to be played like a shoto since he loses the rekkas and rdp+K which are so important to regular Kyo’s game. Well he still has rdp+K but it sucks to use outside of combos. I guess you can still rushdown with him 'cause he has the same normals as Kyo, and you can still pressure with qcf+K.K and strings ending in different speed fireballs.

Thanks for the tips man. The Shiki just confuses me because I’ve rarely seen it in use in match videos, mostly just in combo videos, which aren’t that helpful. The reason why I asked in this thread were because it did pertain to his 95 form, which is almost exactly like his XII form.

QCF+K, K is really not supposed to be used as a standalone, mainly to combo. Whore it against someone with a grab and you will suffer.

sC> QCF+K, K> Super has been his main BnB combo and punisher for years now.

Even in the XII videos you will notice that ppl pretty much never use the move outside of combos.

C xx QCF+D, D can be rolled in most KoF after 96 between C and QCF D first hit after being blocked. Super doesn’t link after the launcher kicks any more in XII from what I’ve seen in vids, only the DP and rdp does.


Did anyone check to see if he has crB,stC?

Eh… no, I’m sure I meant between C and the kick. I just checked it on 2k3.

I’m not sure about qcf+d, d but I know for a fact that qcf+b, NOT qcf+b, b is two hits. Meaning the 2nd kick automatically comes out. I wouldn’t be surprised if qcf+d does the same thing.

So how’s that crap projectile of his?

Does it still have horrendous recovery as always? Or did SNK break the trend of screwing him in that department?

Kyo is so good in XII :looney:

So tell me some shit about him. Outside of his poking game what else is up with him? HCB+D seems to be pretty good and grabs people out of things. Does upkicks XX orochinagi still work? It didn’t seem like it when I was playing.

So for combos I’m using like:
(j.C) C,CD, hcb+D
(j.C), C, qcf+D,D, rdp+D

Haven’t tried anything from lights.

Not really.

uhh what

courtesy of Kamui-
s.B > df+D has better range than c.A and still combos off c.B (and c.A, for that matter).
On standing opponents you can hit c.B x1-2, s.B XX RDP+B, DP+A (maybe C, didn’t get it when I tried).

corner (jump in whatever), C > CD XX QCF+DD, RDP+B, DP+A(C?). If not quite in the corner IIRC you can still hit RDP+B, DP+A (dropping the QCF+DD).

CH c.C/f+C, run up c.B into whatever
CH c.C > charge CD, whatever

IIRC he said you can hit-confirm anti-air CH c.C/f+C into RDP+B, DP and other such things. I mostly did run up s.A reset but the guaranteed damage is probably better in the long run.

CC, pause, Orochinagi, RDP+B, RDP+B, QCF+DD (CC ends), RDP+B, RDP+B, DP+A/C

For the most part Kyo’s basic combo stuff lets him keep up the pressure, as does his throw. He has a pretty strong CH game as well (lol 70% CC). Having good pokes and a DP helps a lot, too =p

So you just ignored the first post and never saw a single vid?

No, he doesn’t have “Wild Bite”.

Well goddammit

This new Kyo is a fucking joke, even if he is top tier it just wouldn’t be the same to use him. I don’t know about you guys but one of the things I loved about Kyo(especially NGBC Kyo)was his insane juggle capacity…it was like he almost had geni-jin with him or something. Reverting back to the classic yet incredibly linear and predictable format was a big mistake IMO. The old shoto mentality of "projectile/AA"is tired and arhaic which is why i loved it when SNK finally decided to progress that concept post-95 and unto NGBC. I have never gone a KOF without maining Kyo/Ryo/Ben…but in this case it looks like Kyo will have to go. There is some hopful wishing in my that preys SNK will include a"EX Kyo"in the console build or something.

XI ex kyo was the most fun kyo ive used to date, probably my favorite character in XI. 95 kyo is no joke btw, not in 95, neither does he seem so in this one.

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