KOF XII - Leona thread


Leona Heidern
Fighting Style : Martial arts + Heidern-style assasination techniques
Birthdate : 10th January
Nationality : Unknown
Blood Group : B+
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 66 kg
Likes : None
Fav. Food : Vegetables
Strong Sports : None
Important Things : None
Hated Things : Blood

Leona Crush: close, b or f + A + C

Strike Arch: f + B

Baltic Launcher: b~f + P
Moon Slasher: d~u + P
Earring Bakudan: qcb + K
Grand Saber (Idou): b~f + B (Urashi Idou) or D (Zen)
Grand Saber (Hanten): Grand Saber, B (Zen) or D (Urashi Idou)
Grand Saber (Kougeki): Grand Saber, P
X-Caliber: qcb + P in air

V-Slasher: qcf,hcb + P in air


Wow, that’s a nice amount of variation on Grand Saber. Expecially considering I’ve not seen anyone really USE the move effectively in all the Leona play in these videos.

So she can run forward and slash, and she also has a backrun of some sort, right? What do all the variations do?

I like her amount of aerial control in this game, from what I’ve seen. This looks to be one of the most aggressive X-Caliber variations yet, and it seems much more versatile than the :d:~:u: style she had for the move in 98.

I’ll miss Rebel Spark (Sayonara… -BOOM!!-), but V-Slasher looks just as wonderful as ever here. Earring Bakudan actually looks like it has a small bit more speed than usual, which sounds good, and I get the feeling her Baltic Launcher will be a fantastic thing for her to use in CC’s, and could be good Clash-Bait for Burn Knuckle crazy Terry, or an aggressive Robert, or Joe.

Oh, and Moon Slasher looks beautiful here. The actual image of the moon within the slash is strikingly slick. Reminds me of games where Joe Higashi actually had the image of tigers in his Tiger/Slash Kicks…


Hope she retains V-Slasher combos, that and she’s not wearing her jacket good on ya SNKP :tup:


She can still do St.C>fwd.B>V-Slasher


Her costume’s completely different in this one though. Remember she used a red shirt underneath with a green tie and green army shorts. I have to agree though that SNKP did it well, she’s even more sexy now.


I’ve got to say I liked the old costume better, but her moves are still stylish as ever.

Anyways yeah, close d, f+b, v slasher is still intact, plus you can use the x-calibur like a low damage v-slasher. That means d, fwd+b, qcb+P works, although I dunno how the damage stacks up against stuff like d+c, moon slasher.

Questions for people who’ve played it already:
1: still no comboes into saber? (or baltic launcher, hehehe)
2: does it seem like you could link anything off of her x-caliber combo? (wishful thinking)
3: any ideas on which combos seem to have higher dmg output? (moon slasher vs x-caliber)

EDIT: and yes, the rebel spark will be missed.


St C >CD > A ver. Baltic Launcher > V-Slasher works in corner I think.

With Grand saber if you do the D version you can alternate beween pressing B & D after while she is running to make her continually change direction of her run.

So if you do the D version she will start running backwards, if you press B during that run she will change direction & start running forwards & if you press D during that forward run, she will start running backwards again. You can do this for as ong as you want. :lol:


1st: Baltic Launcher in corner combos? I like! XD

2nd: LoL, so THAT’S how Grand Saber works, eh? LoL, I could see you bating :snkc::snkd: attacks, and then rushing out of range, only to turn and punish after that :slight_smile: And annoying high-fireball characters (Like Athena and Robert) with it. Sounds fun! Thanks for the info!


What does she have for instant overhead into V-Slasher?


Can anyone link to some vids that shows some decent level play with Leona? I’m mainly interested in this new Grand Saber and how fast it is to change direction (i.e. is it viable to fake people out by running back/forth).


Instant overhead>v slasher? Can you cancel aerials? I don’t think that’ll work…it’d be cool tho.

The saber changes directions instantly, no turning animation or anything. I’m still really trying to figure out how to use it well but, potential is definitely there. Time for some tekken 6 style dancing around trying to bait stuff. Sorry I got no video links.


Does she still run under regular projectiles still? Cause if it does, then the running back and forth will really put her at an advantage against Robert, Ash, and Athena players.


looks like Leona may be a devastating character


is it possible that she may be grabbed as she is turning around or is she granted invincibility in the frames she’s turning around?


Oh god I can’t wait to get my hands on her…


OK things:

1st, the saber running is retardedly fast and there are no turn animations. It goes under some projectiles (kensou,Robert?) but not all (Athena). She doesn’t have the double knee D, don’t try to use it to combo, but her stand D is a really nice anti air.

Looks like 6B>(214C/2363214C) is the finisher of choice. CCs are fun. You can just hammer on C for a while, then 6B,super. Guard attack is kind of bad. Slow and has some stupidly short range, you can use it tho. Moon slasher is super pro anti hops, be ready to throw it out on reaction to hops and most pressure strings just die.

She seems to do really well against slower chars (raiden, iori), had a lot of trouble v. Athena.


well no point for the double knee really w/o Rebel Spark.


Plus it looks like she’s lost the bomb planting, so close D is quite unnecessary… Please, more info, is that her best CC so far? I want to know everything before I even TOUCH kofxii!!

EDIT: By unnecessary, I mean not as needed as before…
EDIT2: By not as needed, I mean… ah forget it. Give combos!


I can’t really say about best, but the CC I posted pretty much ain’t it. Because of weird floaty properties, my guess is you could maybe hit something to launch, baltic launcher, super at the end. Just a guess tho. I’ll try it this weekend some time but I’m bad at baiting CCs so we’ll see.

As far as combos go, I haven’t come up w/ anything too interesting, there’s old school moon slasher combos like:
j.C,2a,2a,moon slasher
j.C,2c,moon slasher
But it seems like you get more dmg if you use the x-caliber i.e.
j.C,2B,5B,6B,214C(I think it worked like this…I was feeling pretty scrubby tho so execution was less than precise)
And yeah, replace x-caliber with v-slasher for super combo.

EDIT: Btw, if you’re crouching, you can get a 2 hit anti air combo with 2C,moon slasher for a good chunk of dmg, but you have to time it a hair later than you might want to or the moon slasher can whiff.


Nice combo. Is close s.B still like it is in the other games (i.e. she turns around and kicks you in the shin with the back of her boot)?

Also is that anti air c.C, Moon Slasher on counter hit only?