KOF XII Loke test info

My friend just told me that snk has already started doing a Loke test in japan and so far the characters are just the ones from the video and screen shots.

He also told me that the speed of the game is like Garou and the new systems in the game is pretty cool the guard cancel thing is a automatic wall splat on hit,and the new guard attack system is like the tardy cancel from rival schools and the whole clash system is pretty cool,he said once u clash your move automatically resets and u could do another move right after,he told me he saw two guys having a clashing match they like clashed 5 or 6 times and he said all u can see people just being amazed:amazed:by it he said it was like a fucking anime:rock:

Sounds great.Can’t wait to see video footage

Interesting hopefully we’ll get more info soon.

Sounds good with the game playing looking like an anime and stuff, but why did they put retardy counters in it.
I played Justice Gakuen alot and that was one of the things I disliked the most; meterless Zero/Alpha counters.

Anyway, let’s see what happens from now until release.

I seriously doubt they’d put meterless guard cancel attacks in given they’ve had CD counters cost 1 stock forever… Surely SNK knows how dumb that’d be… :confused:

i don’t know it may actually be a free alpha cancel it’s my understanding that kof is looking to make some major changes with this game they might all not be graphical… they may be changing they way their fighter works also

It might turn out to be like a Break Shot from the FF series but who knows.

This info clears a lot of stuff for me, except “speed is like Garou” bit. I can’t imagine any way a game can be fast paced with that much emphasis on defense/counter attack. The clash system worries me, it sounds like EFZ and Maximum Impact series where people can just keep reversing until someone grabs, does a 1-frame move, or backdashes out; in EFZ and MI:2 this thing totally resets pace of games and is basically really unnatural.

When can we see more video?

is there really any reason to believe this report is even true? forgive me if i expect more than a near incoherent post based on second-hand information before i’ll accept the game is even in loke

my buddy is reliable.

I suspect a common post-crash tactic will be to try to land the usual cr. lk, cr. lp, and take it from there…

reputable source eor this is getting locked

I said to my self a while ago that I would love KoFXII to be the reason I finally get into a KoF and by the sounds of things that’s coming more and more true every bit of info we get…

Sabin - i know the OP personally, he aint talkin out of his ass.

Well and remember this is the first location test, so things like clashing, the counters and all that are still being tweaked. If it looks too retarded in match I’m sure some tweaks will be made before it’s finished.

Anyhow what I hear it sounds fun, hopefully some video is leaked soon.

Location test hasn’t started yet. The first location test is in April in Tokyo.

rushed down.

Someone was talking out they ass.

This info is older than Jesus.