KOF XII loke test?

Got this from Cyberfanatix:

More informations on June 27 in the Taito “private room” or SNK-P could present the first infos.

Quickie translation summary from my currently broken mind:
What we know -
It’ll be on Taito X hardware.
Cast is unknown save for Ash and Betty.
This will wrap up the Tales of Ash trilogy.

When will we get the good news of the first casted characters? Possibly at a private room showing on June 27 in Osaka. Or it could be at the meeting on July 1st where information about MI RegA and KoF 98 will be presented for PS2. Perhaps they’ll give indications on XII at an assembly compromised of KoF fans? Wait and see…

Good to hear.

pretty good information. i can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the game so far.

Sorry if this is old, but what are the chances of XII coming out to the PS2?

very good

I told you, Andy. Eat it! :wink:

i hate ash, will he die in this one?

can’t wait to see more

I want screenshots NOW!!!.

And I hope they dont take out frames if its on the PS2 because of hardware differences.

I hope they say fuck the PS2 and release it PS3/360 so we can play it online. But that’s not going to happen.

good news, but is the ps3 and 360 really that 2d friendly? I’d rather own it on ps2.

Am reminded about the big commotion on snk-capcom after some confusion about a location test which never actually happened or was advertised.

I’m dying to see the new sprites

good news
but to me it sounds like another way for SNKp to have us at the edge of excitement, then put the smackdown on us.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

sprites will be hi res. can’t wait.

Ash is the best thing to happen to the KOF story in forever.

Not to mention, he is one of the few charge characters, I actually can use. A main character that is a charge character is instantly better than a shoto clone.

Screw you sir! Screw you and your sprite hating ways.

Just as long as they do a lot of location test so we won’t have to struggle with 2-3 characters that dominate every character like fucking Gato/Kula, especially Gato!

Look what they did with NGBC, they tested that game so much, that all characters were playable even though there were top tiers, we always see a variety of characters making it to the finals :tup:

…You people…there will never be a totally perfect kof!!!..As long as Kim and King are in it I am fine.

if they wanna distribute this hirez, 360/ps3 all the way

heres hoping for a us release as well


kyo is the one that needs to die