KoF XII Loketest this Summer in US!?

Yeah, yeah I know there’s a KoF XII thread, but this might get a lot more attention ^_^;;;
Apparently the US might get a Loketest for KoF XII this summer at FFA in Cali.
If that’s the case then the Japanese Loketest for the game will def. be before or by then!
Again I apologize if this should be in the KoF XII, but hey…SNK ain’t letting SF4 be the only game to look out for:woot:

Just in time for my birthday ! F**k yeah !

Thank you for posting this.

If 100% true thats fucking nuts!

If they can get that East Coast loke-test set up, I’m going to need a new pair of pants.

Fingers crossed for Chinatown Fair getting this. Shit, I hope they replace 98 with 98 UM. I don’t think the FOBs would mind. :rofl:
I still can’t believe it’s coming out so soon.

damn, y’all lucky man. everybody fucks europe over.

I cant believe SNK would still be doing location tests in the United States and try to push their product on a dieing market. While every other company has jumped ship SNK is doing with they do best, REFUSING TO DIE!

As long as there is one arcade cabinet left in all of North America SNK will be there trying to spark the masses with a new game.

I have to sit back and laugh at their persistence but it seems to have worked so far.

S-C is not, and will never be a reliable source.
I mean never.

uhh, if Chinatown Fair doesnt get the EC location test, shits FAIL on so many levels, for obvious reasons (99% of the GOOD hardcore kof players play here.) so yeah I hope Trieu reads this and makes it happen.

They probably made up 98UM loketest aswell :rolleyes:

Didn’t you used to post there until they made an ass of you and then got banned or such?
The source is reliable and if you check further down, TRIEU even commented on how the JP Loketest will indeed be before the US in Japan.

We’ve heard confirmation from the SNK rep at our FFA loketest that we’ll be getting KoF XII for testing as well. If it wasn’t for S-C setting up the test in the first place, this whole thing would never have happened.

cf for loc test

if only so i can see it in action lol

Wow they finally give a shit about America. Hopefully the new sprites gets them the recognition they deserve.

The only things I ask is that you take as much footage as possible and please write a small report about how the game is. That would be much appreciated and not just me everyone would be grateful :lovin:.

You mean, like when they announced that a KOFXII video was coming… when they announced the SNKP presentation at GDC… when they announced the Samurai Sen and KOF98UM loke this weekend… and it all happened exactly like they said?

You fail. Crawl back to your hole, kid.

I hope it’s true. I really really want to see the game in action, fast, lol.

I also hope it’s true that they are going to test the shit out of this game so the gameplay quality is as good as its graphical quality. I’m really hyped about this.


So because they made one false annoucement 4-5 years ago they can never be trusted? :rolleyes: Crawl back to your hole.

that thread is 5 years old

they’ve been pretty on the ball recently.