Kof XII might be breaking street date

Just giving you guys a heads up i called up some of up some of my distributors and most are saying the game is coming in tomorrow or the 22nd. A kid from Gamestop is also saying they might break street date as well…if the game comes in early ill make a post about it… But it looks like we might be getting this game early I’m really excited!

Gamestop has it shipping the 23rd. Which is still before street date. I’m hoping to get it sometime this weekend.

Hopefully that dates not a lie.

I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed because I would love to play KoF XII this week.

I’m sure even Ignition would want nothing more than some stores breaking street date, so people get to play it early and word of mouth will boost awareness and hype for KOFXII before it’s proper release date next week. Also there is the “me too” syndrome that is a profund way to get people more hyped to get the game as soon as possible like the rest that got it the 22nd or 23rd of July. :slight_smile:

I have 90% confidence at least certain stores will break the street date this week. ** But I will be so mad if they only sell it to people who reserved it… **

I mean like if I’m right there in the store, with money in my hand and ready to pay it in full, while those who reserved it for $5 are still eating breakfast, I’d expect them to sell me a copy right there in the morning! :smiley: Yea I know some stores sell a limited supply of copies, but they always order loose copies too.

Anyways, I charted all the possible stores I can buy the game from . and there are 7 I can choose from. Yes chances are only 2 of those 7 might sell it this week . But I know places like Target sometimes sell the games as soon as they have it.

Just talked to my manager buddy at gamestop and he says the computer says it is indeed shipping on the 23rd to his store and I asked if I could pick it up on Wednesday (got it paid off already) and he told me yup, because it has not HARD street date.

Yeah the GS date is what I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed about. I’ve heard some people day the date changed to the 28th and they just didn’t change it, knowing how usually uninformed store employee’s are I didn’t see a real point in asking them.

If not, another week of xi and mugen. :rofl:

YAY! the game is complete anyway, so gamestop is like “if our shipment comes this week, then screw it, we’re selling it that week!”

anyways it would be foolish to enforce a street date, especially when KOFXII can use the advantage selling as soon as possible before more people buy into MvC2. companies want to make money ASAP so there’s no reason to be strict with this game’s release since it’s already having a hard time convincing casual ppl.

if this is true then will i be able to get the game tomorrow wednesday thursday or friday?(I Did Not Pre-order though)

until i hear that my gamestop got it this week
i won’t believe this

it depends on the gamestops that receive their shipment this week.

but I would guess no one is getting it before Wednesday or Thursday.

it probably won’t even be in their stores until Thursday afternoon.

this seems a bit fishy though

It use to be that a game was on shelves the day after the shipping date; nowadays, it’s more common that they have it the afternoon of the shipping date. At least that’s how it is in the Midwest (St. Louis). Excuse my impatience

Damnit I wish I had a current gen system.

IT’S CONFIRMED!!! 3 DAYS LEFT AND they SAID Those who reserve can pick it up this thursday!!!**

Even despite they already seen the official date of July 28th from Ignition, their shipment is still coming this Thursday!!! and they will sell it on that day to those who reserved!

That’s it. This will be the 2nd time ever that I go to the store a few days early just to reserve the game so I can get it a week earlier. This is great!!! :lovin:

I am so hyped now . :slight_smile: aaaaaah. how to pass the time… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is another sf4 thread. Affinity, when you supposedly get it i want a picture with ur name on it :slight_smile:

so if you didn’t reserve it you don’t get it until next week? bummer…i really don’t feel like pre-ordering this

LOL I will be too busy playing it. :rofl: message boards won’t mean a thing to me
when that game is inserted in the PS3. besides I don’t have a camera. and what if you somehow get the game early too, you won’t care about some ppl’s photo as proof. I’m sure some SRK members that get it early too will post photos as proof, anyway. :rofl:

I’ve been so paranoid that I’m not using my PS3 again until I get KOFXII, because I want PS3 and controller in tip top condition when I start playing. :sweat:

I might also buy an extra controller just in case as backup.
I really feel they should of never installed sixaxis, now controllers are almost the price of new games. :rolleyes:

I need to get to Gamestop because I have it pre-ordered for 360 but I want it for PS3, gotta go make the quick switch :rofl:

that’s crazy! I actually pre-ordered KOFXII for xbox360 last month before it rrod and I learned that the Clan features is exclusive to PS3. anyways I was fed up with 360 and besides my XBL expired, so I would of had to pay for Gold and the game, which would have resulted in over 100 dollars just to play it online. I had 360 for a few years, but yea, I’m loving PS3’s conveniences. :slight_smile:

tommorrow I’m reserving for PS3 version. :slight_smile:

I lost the receipt of ebgames so I can’t get my $5 back, then again it’s just $5 anyway. :lovin:

You can just goto Gamestop/Ebgames and tell them you want to switch and tell them you lost your receipt. The info is stored into their computer so you just have to give them your Info like Name,Phone Number,Etc that you used to pre-order.