Kof XII might be breaking street date

maybe but I will just toss away those 5 dollars as a lesson to be more organized. :lovin:

This is joyous news. Huzza!!

Called my GS and they said it would be for sale on Friday.


Is this street date exclusive to USA or North America alone? I am in Canada, so it would be sweet if that was for all of North America.

**it may vary depending when they get the shipment and if they want to sell it this week. **

I don’t hear any stories of Canadian stores breaking the official release date,
but it depends on certain things if they’ll be able to get it early like certain parts of USA, and if they dare to sell it early, I think it’s Ignition’s plan all along.

they are the publisher so they can call the shots whether they will enforce the rules or let stores bend the rules to enhance anticipation for the rest of the world. :lovin:

seriously is this in canada? cause i preordered mine at ebgames for ps3 a week ago for $40 by selling stupid sf4… also side question whose from near toronto?

Gamefaqs changed the release date of KOF XII on they’re site to 7/23
which i found a bit odd considering the 28th was the date thrown around as the game’s release

I’m from Toronto dude. I pre-ordered my copy like a couple weeks ago at the new GS they just opened at the scotiabank plaza. I’ll go after my class to see if this stays true for canadians as well, if so then I’m just going to pick it up.

Too bad Amazon isn’t breaking the street date. I guess I’ll have to wait…

I’m going to check the North York VGP to see if they’ll break street date, they typically do.

If the game is not a big budget title then the street date dose not have to be enforced. I used to work at gamestop years back and I’m good friends with the manager at my old store. KOF XII is not a huge game so they can sell it when ever they get it in stock. Madden, Halo, COD and games like that will have a sticker on them saying DO NOT SELL TILL XX/XX/20XXX.
I always wonder why people don’t pre order games they know they want, especially if it’s not a huge release. Many times both when I worked and now when a game would come out that doesn’t have a hard street date the store may only get in enough for the pre orders. This is what happened with Blazblue, I walked in and picked LE when it came out, at the same time 8 people walked in the store and waned to buy it after reading the reviews and were turned away because they only had enough for pre orders. It’s funny seeing people getting pissed off at the store because they wanted something they couldn’t get right away.

Gamestop manager in Washington’s telling me it should be there by the 24th. EXCITEMENT!

Same here, Gamestop did also say 23rd, but will come the next day. So that’s pretty much 24th.
Got it pre-ordered. I’ll let you guys know if Ashley calls, if not, then it’s probably gonna be 28th.

Nice I didn’t know that ^^

I’ll need to stop by at Gamestop to see when it comes I pre-ordered some time ago.

uh huh. Someone who doesn’t own a camera. in 2009.

I have my PS:3 Import pre-ordered and it still doesn’t ship til the 30th

As for people clinging to the July 28th release date, just remember this, the recent trailers all say “Coming in July” they don’t say anything about a date.
With that said would having it “break the street date” be a good thing for Ignition? yup considering that the Blazeblue standard edition comes out on the 28th as well…a game that got great reviews and that has been hard to find for the last 3 1/2 weeks.
Just a thought.

i called my gamestop
they told me it was coming out the 24th(its not one of those games days before he told me)and he said it’s not gonna be a game we’ll have many extra copies of…so ya might as well reserve

and when i said well i called cause the other stores said 28th and your website said 23rd

he then said well its coming out the 24th

I just called VGP in Toronto and they said 28th so looks like Canada isn’t getting it early.

my distributer says they might be getting it tomorrow fingers crossed